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68 Sexy & Expressive Emo Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Emo is short for “emotional hardcore”, a type of hardcore punk rock music that first developed in the 80’s and has become increasingly more popular with time. The emo music movement is known for its confessional lyrics that display a vast range of emotion. But the style is also emotional, in

64 Funny Tattoos You’re Glad You Don’t Have

We all make bad decisions. Some just make worse decisions than others, like getting horrible tattoos tatted on them that will last until their dying day. Some could be covered-up… the majority can’t be. The wearer is stuck with them for good. So, beware! The tattoos you’re

26 Smiley Piercing Pics for Deviant Looks + Care Tips!

This isn’t your traditional piercing. Feel that little piece of flesh connecting your top lip to your gums? That’s called the upper labial frenulum. If you were to ask a specialist to pierce it, you’d have to ask for a “smiley piercing”. The name derives from its resemblance to a smiley face

83 Inventive Themes for Cute Nails (Short Designs!)

What fashion-savvy woman doesn’t enjoy a great manicure for a dazzling night out on the town? Maybe you’re searching for a design for an upcoming date – or perhaps you just want to feel fabulous with the girls. Whatever the occasion you’ve got planned, you’re going to find the right nail design

56 Striking Arrow Tattoos that’ll Target Your Style

Arrows have always thrived in humanity’s realms of art and symbolism, making them appealing to an extensive crowd of cultures with varying tastes. They can represent flight, penetration, direction, power (to the carrier), love (piercing the heart), phallic masculine power, hunting, war, swiftness, the rays of the sun,

25 Eye-Catching Hipster Tattoos that will Inspire You

If you’re a fan of the latest trends in tattoos or want marvelous ideas for your personalized design, check out these innovative pieces of body art. Symbolic, expressive, and inventive, tattoos like these are gaining popularity around the globe, and it’s no wonder. Each can be easily transformed to fit your personality, whether

65 Fabulous Photos of White Ink Tattoos for the Artistic

Feeling adventurous but don’t want the traditional black or colored tattoo? We all have our reasons for getting tatted, but some of us don’t want to added negative side-effects such as getting fired from our job or creating chaos with our parents that disapprove. White ink tattoos are

35 Ferocious Foo Dog Tattoos Teeming with Personality

Are these beasts lions or dogs? Feline or canine? Their name may spark confusion when looking closely at them, but their history can clarify their meaning. Foo dogs are actually a protective lion, their origins rich within Asian history and symbolism. They can be found as statues,