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40 Cloud Tattoos: Both Heavenly & Earthly

Cloud tattoos are often used as symbols of transcendence, heavenly intervention, inspiration, and fantastical imaginings (like a boy sitting on the moon amongst the clouds). They can be used to surround a variety of other tattoos fluidly, helping to weave together designs throughout the body. Stars can be

55 Short Quotes that Inspire Self Discovery

Because…  We share a similarity: We both want to be something more than normal. These short quotes will perhaps inspire something within us. Who among us can say we’ve not searched for a deeper meaning; a deeper purpose to our very existence? This in itself sheds away

65 Ridiculously Silly Yahoo Questions & Answers

There used to be a time when we were younger when any question was never stupid or silly – when our minds were simply curious and needed the answers it sought. As we get older, this dynamic changes… Below are 65 Funny Yahoo questions you’ll be sure

61 Infinity Tattoos for the Eternal Visionaries & Artists

We’re aware of the significance of the infinity sign – that of never-ending balance and the delights of opposites. But for every individual, it can take on its own meaning and play its own significance in the wearer’s life. If you’re considering this universal symbol as a possible

50 Weird Google Searches with Surprising Suggestions

Ever pull up the Google search engine and begin typing your question only to discover the suggestions seem to get stranger the further down you read? Well, this post is dedicated to those intriguing, mystifying, and often crazy weird Google searches that cause us to either giggle to

50+ Pics of Gorgeous Medusa Piercings and a Few Handy Tips

Piercing has considerably evolved along the years. What was once considered a mark of prostitution or a symbol of a husband’s wealth has become a way of expressing one’s true personality. We use body adornments for fashion purposes, to highlight our best features, to rebel, or simply

80+ Sacred Geometry Tattoos that Will Take Your Breath Away

Nowadays, tattoos have become a statement. Some people wear them merely as fashion accessories, to help them stand out from the crowd. This wasn’t always the case though. Tattoos have been around since ancient times, and they were used to protect the wearer or symbolize a spiritual