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25 Cute DIY Bun Hairstyles

Nothing brings elegance and comfort together but hair buns in this world. There is nothing betterthan keeping your hair out of your face in such a stylish way on a hot summer day. I can wholeheartedly say nothing beats buns in messy idleness; neither ponytails, nor braids,

20 Beautiful Sunset Photography Images

Blink, and you’ll miss it. Only available for our viewing pleasure for a short window of time each evening, a sunset is one of nature’s most splendid gifts to humanity. Whether it’s viewed over a desolate wasteland or a gorgeous landscape, the warm glow of a sunset

35 Black & White Wedding Dresses with Edgy Elegance

As you search for the perfect bridal gown, the endless sea of white and ivory frocks is likely to become rather overwhelming. After a short time of scouring storefronts, they are likely to start blending together in your mind and looking the same, but it doesn’t have

38 Poignant Quotes to Tell Someone “I Miss You”

Even though it is undoubtedly painful, there’s no avoiding it. Quite frankly, every person must experience the uniquely human emotion of missing a loved one at some point in life. Whether it’s just missing a dear friend for a matter of hours during a long work shift,

44 Henna Body Tattoos to Transform Your Figure Into Art

When you first hear the word “Henna,” you perhaps think of scantily clad, over-imbibing college students with temporary tattoos flooding areas like South Beach or Panama City. Sure, it’s possible to get a cheesy and basically meaningless tattoo that is marketed as “Henna” for ten bucks during

51 Easy Face Painting Ideas to Light Up Your Life

When most people hear the term “face painting,” their mind conjures up images of melting ice cream cones, smudged clowns, and blurred bears smeared on the cheeks of crying toddlers at an overcrowded carnival. Sure, that’s one type of face painting, but that’s not all there is

20 Easy Holiday Makeup Ideas for Every Season

Let’s face it – holidays are getting more and more scarce lately! Yes, we are always on the run, constantly trying to make an once-in-a-lifetime impression… And yes, the bet is really high, if you think about it. It’s been some time since we realized that we

44 Cool Tiger Pictures to Instill Awe and Wonder

The largest cat species in the world, the tiger is also unarguably among the most visually stunning creatures that walk our planet. Because they reside in the wild in areas that aren’t exactly popular when it comes to human habitation, such as tropical forests and wide grasslands,

26 Fashion Outfits to Make Any Girl’s Closet Fabulous

The world of fashion is often considered to be a realm that’s strictly for adults, but that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. In their adolescent and “tween” years, most girls are looking for ways to outlet their creativity and figure out who they truly are