4 Relationship problems you just can’t fix


Every relationship is bound to have its fair share of ups and downs. The one good thing about the downs is they accentuate the ups, reminding the partners that no matter how much they have clashed there is always light at the end of the tunnel. But what happens when the problems have become too deep-rooted and it’s impossible to see the light? Unfortunately some relationship problems are beyond fixing. Here are four examples.


Unfortunately an all-too-common aspect of any relationship is where one or other (or perhaps both) partners have succumbed to temptation at the hands of a third party. The degree to which anyone is prepared to accept contrition will vary considerably. It might be the case someone believes they love their significant other so much they are prepared to overlook the ‘one-off’ incident rather than jeopardize the good things they have together. But serial infidelity indicates the relationship has gone well beyond the point of being salvaged. Anything which impacts on trust is destructive but each time this happens will make it more difficult to recover from.


Couples in the first flushes of love will usually find it difficult to find fault in their new partners, and if there is any aspect of their personality that niggles it will be easy enough to overlook. The longer a relationship lasts the harder it will become to overlook certain behaviours. Eventually what was once politely ignored will no longer be tolerated. An indication that matters have deteriorated is when individuals are always reacting with distaste to pretty much anything their partner says or does. In many instances the guilty person will be aware of the negative way they are acting, but this has become a method of projecting their own guilt; perhaps at not loving them anymore or because they’ve met someone else.


Relationships thrive on honesty, openness and, above all, trust. These are the simple but fundamental traits that bind couples together, safe in the knowledge any issues will always be aired, and the communication channels between them are available at any time. No issue, great or small, should ever be considered unworthy of sharing with a partner.

There will always be parts of each other’s lives that remain separate, and that’s also very healthy for the partnership. It might seem to demonstrate a couple’s strength together when they appear to be ‘joined at the hip’ and never parted, but this is actually detrimental. Either party should feel free to go and do their own thing, whether that’s holidaying with friends or a trip to a sporting event. Relationships need a degree of privacy. What they definitely do not need is secrecy. When one individual begins hiding text messages or lying about where they’re going to in the evenings, alarm bells should ring.


Regardless of how you hooked-up, through flirting shamelessly online or your eyes met in your local night club, sex will have undoubtedly have featured prominently during courtship. But while it might seem difficult to comprehend when you’re being intimate in those early stages, the longer a relationship lasts the further apart people can grow physically. It’s only natural to have conflicting desires and sex drives operating at different levels of intensity. But unless these isses are broached they can cause rifts.



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