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55 Short Quotes that Inspire Self Discovery

Because…  We share a similarity: We both want to be something more than normal. These short quotes will perhaps inspire something within us. Who among us can say we’ve not searched for a deeper meaning; a deeper purpose to our very existence? This in itself sheds away

60+ Hippie Quotes with Odd Twists You’ll Relish

When you think of a hippie, what are the first assumptions that come to mind? Peace, love, freedom, weed, Woodstock, bandannas, tie-dye… But what would a wise hippie have to say? You’ve landed on a page that will provide you with 60+ hippie quotes that are sure

38 Poignant Quotes to Tell Someone “I Miss You”

Even though it is undoubtedly painful, there’s no avoiding it. Quite frankly, every person must experience the uniquely human emotion of missing a loved one at some point in life. Whether it’s just missing a dear friend for a matter of hours during a long work shift,