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80+ Mysterious Egyptian Tattoos for Those Fascinated by Mythology

Egyptian tattoos have been around for centuries, and they’re not losing popularity anytime soon. There’s a simple explanation for that: they’re gorgeous. Egyptian gods are totally badass, Egyptian symbols look mysterious and attractive, while pyramids make for exotic tattoo backgrounds. Even Rihanna proudly sports and Egyptian tattoo

60+ Day of the Dead Tattoos You Will Want to Get ASAP

Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos is a widely popular Mexican holiday celebrated particularly in the Central and South regions of the country, but it is acknowledged internationally in many other cultures. Set between October 31 and November 2nd, it’s popularly known as the Halloween

60+ Hippie Quotes with Odd Twists You’ll Relish

When you think of a hippie, what are the first assumptions that come to mind? Peace, love, freedom, weed, Woodstock, bandannas, tie-dye… But what would a wise hippie have to say? You’ve landed on a page that will provide you with 60+ hippie quotes that are sure

70+ Roman Numeral Tattoos Ink Lovers Will Drool Over

Roman numeral tattoos are a pretty popular pick for body art enthusiasts. They’re interesting, sleek, and more complex than plain numbers. These types of tattoos use letters from the Latin alphabet to form a number. You can go for something which holds a deeper meaning to you

75+ Perfectly Timed Photos of Memorable Moments

Taking pics can be easy and fun, especially with everyone carrying around a smartphone these days. But to capture a moment that’s unique; that’s fleeting and creates a whole new image which was completely unexpected, is a difficult task indeed. However, when it’s accomplished, the image or photo is cherished and

77 Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas for Ink Lovers Everywhere

Sun and moon tattoos are pretty popular. So popular in fact that I bet we all have a tattoo enthusiast buddy who contemplated getting one at least once. Because they’re gorgeous, eye-catching, and choke full of meaning. The sun represents masculine energy, while the moon is a

80+ Funny Cat Pictures to Brighten a Bad Day

Of all the animals the world has to offer us, cats are by far one of the silliest. They’re consistently curious and always getting into trouble, making them the purrfect animal that supplies us with new and smile-worthy entertainment. We’ve collected over 80 of the most adorable

94 Abstract Tattoos That Prove Art is Extremely Subjective

Art is extremely subjective, there’s no doubt about it. Abstract art in particular. It’s all about how you interpret it, which can be considerably different than how others do. And when it comes to tattoos, not many ink lovers go for abstract designs. I suppose that’s because

54 Photos of Sexy Angel Wing Tattoos

Angels have served a significant part in mythology in the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for centuries upon centuries, making angel wing tattoos extremely popularized. They’re symbolic of many different attributes and actions depending on what kind of angel you’re looking at, ranging from divine awareness, purity, love, compassion, protection, renewal,