45 Nail Designs that Scream Summer Loudly


Lonely Palm Tree

yes palm palm tree nails

All nails are painted in pale color, matte creamy white, trimmed into square oval shape. Because nails are long, the huge palm tree on the ring finger could be drawn in a spectacular way, without looking scrawly.

If you know how to draw a palm tree, you can make this design done with your eyes closed.

Striped Colors

yes 1 on toe polka dots stripe

The diagonal white stripes on luminous vivid colors look so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off. After applying white base, you should just use some sticky tapes and nail lacquers.These colourful nails perfectly suit any casual, sportive and even some formal outfits.


nice berries nails strawberry

Fruits, such as strawberry, pineapple and watermelon, carry the banner for summer. These nails are as sweet as strawberries. Toothpicks are enough to smudge these holes. For a more realistic appearance, the nails should be either oval or almond.

Don’t forget the green leaves!

Ocean Waves

clear waves ocean

I can practically hear the sound of ocean waves and seagulls. This design is absolutely best for sea vacation, which looks like a tableaux. This design has many details and requires professional help. If you can’t go to vacation nowadays, don’t worry these nails are here for you. By the way matching clothes to this design could be challenging 🙁

Fruit Punch

fruits nice 1 fruit punch

The “bubble gum” ombre is gonna accompany us, especially in casual night events, such as cocktails, beach weddings, etc. White chevrons on the middle and ring fingers break the monotony, which attract attention. The tone of these nails is light and warm, so matching clothing colors to the nails tone won’t be difficult.