45 Nail Designs that Scream Summer Loudly



mx2 mx1 mix nailssummer nails summer

The keywords of summer are gathered on this design: shining sun, ice cream bar, COLORS, lemon slice. It’s a very entertaining nail art, which is there to spice up your daily life. Nail shape and length aren’t important to draw these symbols properly.

You can wear these cuties all day all night, the whole summer.

Water Drops

water water drops drops

When I saw them for the first time, I thought of aqua parks. “Water drops on nails” is such a clever way to make the nails look wet. Before applying water drops, the background color can be changed. But blue tones are slightly more suitable for wet look. This nail art requires long nails to have more space for water drops.

To be honest, I don’t suggest you for these nails in formal events.

Sea Shells

sea seasheel

On this design, the eye-catching golden shells are used as tiny decorative ornaments. There is a gorgeous ombre work on each nail, from golden sand to light baby blue. There is no drawing or pattern, so nails don’t have to be long, short ones are also okay.

Golden shells complete your formal, chic look.


dream dream-catcher-

The bubble gum ombre is a very stylish color combination for summer. Here again! This design is the right choice for daily use, especially with maxi skirts and loose tops. Plumes and dreamcatchers are gonna put fresh complexion on your bohemian casual outfit.

Watermelon Slices and Polka Dots

polka watermelon

Watermelon is a irreplaceable fruit of summer. NO. I wouldn’t dream of a summer without watermelons.

Except the middle and ring fingers, while the others are painted white, black polka dotted and green tipped off. On the tips of middle and ring fingers, there is a juicy watermelon slice with the bare background. They look classy despite being a slice of watermelon.lol.

This design is so elegant that you can use them wherever you want.