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Buying Jewelry Versus Creating Your Own


Jewelry has been worn by humans since civilization began. Jewelry can be made from pieces of precious material that are bound together to form necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and rings.

If buying a set of jewelry is not your thing, you can resort into making one yourself. There are many jewelry findings online that would help you create your own pieces, and completing a jewelry project involves several easy to do steps. The first thing that you need to consider would be the design for the jewelry, and you need to browse through thousands of websites to find inspiration. Once you found that jewelry that you wanted, you have to sketch it. If you are adept in using computer programs for drawing, then go for it. Make sure that the colors for your project look good. Ask other people for their opinion about your color choices. You also need to consider the shapes that are being shown on your artwork and try to make it more detailed and unique. After you finished the design for your jewelry, make sure that it will be wearable. Browse different stores for the supplies that you need to use for your project.

Today, pieces of jewelry are made from high-quality materials, and the best ones made from gold, silver, and diamonds could cost up to thousands of dollars. Buying a piece of jewelry is not that easy, especially if you are not working with a certified brand because you might end up getting a fake one. There are tips that you need to consider before buying jewelry. Following these tips would save you a lot of money and will end up giving you an authentic piece of jewelry.

One of the obvious things that you need to do when buying jewelry is to trust only the brand that you have been working with for years. The biggest names in the jewelry industry would never sell fake ones because they are trying to protect their brand names. Try to check for the best jewelry sellers online, and compare their reviews. Once you are satisfied with the brand that you have been working with, try to come over to their store and see the jewelry that they are trying to sell. Choose what you wanted, and if you could not find anything that suits your taste, try to go to another store and compare.

You should also look at the beauty of each mineral and not only with their tag price. For example, between gold and silver, many people would choose gold because of its high value in the market. However, when you are after the aesthetics, you may be surprised finding out that silver can best gold. The same thing goes with diamond and pearl—diamonds can easily grab the attention of those who wanted to flaunt their collections because of its price, but pearl gives a wearer a lot of options, and it looks nice. Pearl jewelry has been used since ancient times, and the beauty of this natural material would never fade. Cleaning and maintaining your jewelry is important. If you want to clean your jewelry all by yourself you can use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner it can clean your jewelry thoroughly, and make your task much easier.

When buying jewelry for someone, think about their birthstones, and buying a jewelry corresponding to their birthstones would be worth it. The receiver of the gift would appreciate the effort expended in buying the jewelry. If you are having issues in choosing the right jewelry inside the store, do not be afraid to ask or inquire about the jeweler. Most of the time, they will be more than happy to assist anyone who is trying to buy something from their store. If you are buying from the internet, there would be online jewelers who can give you a piece of unbiased advice about the piece of jewelry that you are trying to buy. Having a second opinion about the jewelry is important, especially if it has a high price tag. Make sure that the person you will be working with has extensive experience in the field of choosing the best jewelry.

Over time, the jewelry might show signs of being old, and there will be times that you had to revamp or repair the jewelry to make it look new. Try working out with the experts to find the best way on how to restore the old look of the jewelry that you loved.

Creating your own set of jewelry is cheaper and more rewarding, but for high-quality work, go for the ones sold at jewelry stores.

How a Lack of Sleep is Affecting Your Appearance – What You Need to Know


The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. While this is true, up to 40 percent of all adults in the U.S. are getting less than the recommended amount.

There’s no question that a lack of sleep can lead to low levels of productivity, reduced energy, and a bad mood, it may also be affecting your face in negative ways. If you’ve already tried everything you could think of, and you still can’t get a good night’s sleep, it’s time to hire professional help. This is exactly why you should consider a sleep coach.

You can also learn more about the negative effects that inadequate sleep can have on your face and appearance here.

Your Body, Skin, and Brain are Deprived of Nourishment

Sleep is a time when your skin, your brain, and your body get the “food” and nourishment they need. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, then you are depriving your body of what it needs to function properly.

When you get a good night’s rest, then your body has time to work to remove all the dead brain and blood cells and to clear a path for new synapses to occur so new brain and blood cells can replace the ones that were lost.

Also, your brain is able to get rid of up to 60 percent more toxins when you are getting plenty of sleep. Overall, the right amount of sleep is going to help you feel and look more refreshed and gives your skin a “glowing” appearance rather than looking dull and dead.

Skin Imbalance May Occur

If you don’t get enough sleep, then your skin may begin to get imbalanced. This can lead to your complexion appearing dehydrated, breakouts, and redness. Not only will not getting plenty of sleep affect your body in a negative way, but it is also going to impact the levels of moisture in your skin.

Lack of sleep also means your complexion’s pH levels will be reduced. As a result, you are going to begin to notice that your skin doesn’t look as youthful as it once did, and it may not have the glow it did in the past.

If the pH levels in your skin start to drop, they are going to create an imbalance; therefore, your skin won’t be able to produce the moisture needed, resulting in a dry appearance. Other issues include the appearance of redness and breakouts.

Dark Circles Begin to Develop

When you are asleep, the cells in your body are regenerating. If this sleep stage isn’t reached, then you are going to be able to tell. If you try to burn the candles at both ends, then your blood vessels are going to begin to dilate, leading to dark circles.

When you are able to get sufficient sleep, everything will operate the way it should and reduce the purple or blue shadows beneath your eyes.

No Cell-Regeneration

If you decide to have an alcoholic drink up to 90 minutes before going to sleep, then your body is never going to enter into the REM sleep cycle. This is when the regeneration occurs and without it, your skin is going to suffer.

If you want youthful, healthy-looking skin, then you have to make sure you are getting enough sleep. While there are other factors that can result in your skin looking subpar, sleep is one that can’t be ignored or overlooked, as the impact of doing so is going to be significant.

What Makes Russian Brides The Ideal Partners?


Russia is a large country of Eastern Europe, where people follow the ancient traditions of their land that hold much resemblance to the Asian culture. Many men from other European countries prefer to get Russian brides, due to many qualities of Russian women that are impressive to these young men. However, they do not now need to travel all way to Russia for finding their wives, as many reputed dating sites act as matchmakers and get beautiful Russian girls to be their life partners.

Innocent beauty 

Many young Russian women are noted for their natural beauty and sweetness of their smiles, which can capture the heart of any man. People can check this truth in many Russian mail order brides sites, which contain large databases of most attractive Russian females. The photos uploaded in the profiles of these Russian beauties highly interest many eligible bachelors from other European countries. Mainly, the excellent skins and hairs of Russian women are often superior to many other European girls.

Soothing and stronger personality 

Russian women are more feminine in nature than most of the women from other European countries. Due to the prevailing patriarch society structure in Russia, women growing up in this environment become more tolerant to all kinds of hardships and they prefer to give more importance to their husbands in all family matters. Thus, it becomes easier for the Russian brides to cope up with any situation, after marrying men from other countries.  Moreover, they become mentally much stronger than women of their age from other lands, which cannot be identified easily as a part of their nature. Though they seem to be of weaker mentality because of their submissive nature, Russian women can handle all sorts of problems in their family life.

Feminine dressing sense 

Normally, Russian women like to dress in a more feminine way, which is quite adorable to many men. Most of the Russian girls wear simple skirts and tunics or stylish tops, along with high heels, which can be really attractive to young men looking for ideal life partners. This simplicity and feminine nature can also be noted in their profile pictures uploaded in Russian mail order brides sites.  

Well educated life partners 

Russian women make sure to complete their academic education with a Bachelors or Masters degree, which can provide them with a good job. So, foreigners can expect to get educated wives when they decide to marry Russian women. Also, these women like to be financially independent and share the financial burden of the family with their husbands. Hence, it is a great delight for men to share their views with their educated and intelligent Russian wives.

However, Russian women want to get perfectly suitable life partners, either from their own country or from other foreign countries. As most of the Russian women can speak English, communication is not a problem for them while choosing foreign life partners. They feel satisfied only on finding honest, caring, and loving husbands, who can truly take care of a family. The reputed dating sites can fulfill the desires of Russian women and men from other countries, by making perfect matches of most suitable life partners.

5 Of the Best Beard Styles to Try This Year


Coolest Beard Styles We All Men Want to Copy

Though some years ago keeping beards was considered like neglect of the essential grooming routine, nowadays beard styles are some of the prettiest styling options for men. Besides, scientific studies have shown some ladies are more attracted to men with beards!

However, with an unlimited number of beard styles out there, how do you choose a beard style that suits your face shape and personality? Don’t panic. We are here to give you the best and trendiest beard styles of 2019 to assist you in choosing one for a perfect masculine appearance. Take a look.


Our list starts with Balbo which is one of the most famous beard styles for men at the moment. Hollywood celebrity Robert Downey has been rocking this bearded look for a while now. It is like his signature hairstyle.

To achieve this style, you need to grow out full beards so to get enough hair to create this type of beard style. So, don’t bring razor close to your beards for at least four to five months until you have fully grown beards. Remember that you will also need to shape moustache which needs long hair and proper sculpting to accomplish the right look.


This beard style came to be known during the time of Eric Bandholz, who founded the famous Beard brand. It will take you some patience and determination to achieve bandholz, but your patience and dedication will soon pay off. It is one of the most beautiful beard styles around. Just as Balbo, you will have to keep razors and scissors away from your beard and grow them for at least seven months. After seven months have elapsed, you can now cut and shape your beards. You can also choose to retain it as it is. It all depends on your preferences.

Circle Beard.

Also called a standard beard, this style of beard is a combination of round goatee beard style and moustache. It is among the most popular short beard styles at the moment. It looks neat, hence making it a good choice for men who would prefer to look more presentable while keeping their beard.

To style this kind of beard style, allow your hair to grow to a reasonable length and do not over shave or trim it. Due to the technicalities involved in cutting the circles and shapes, it may not be appropriate to DIY this beard style at home. So, it is advisable to get a skilled barber to style it for you. Once you have the style, you can do maintenance and trimming at home.

Full Beard.

The manliest and most badass amongst the modern beard haircuts, the full beard look is something you cannot afford to miss in 2019. A well-groomed and maintained full grown beard is gorgeous because it highlights your facial features excellently. It is suitable for guys with triangular or diamond faces.

Dull beard is to a great extent determined by your ancestry. Not all men can grow beards all over their face. But if you can, then this is a perfect beard style to opt for. Just let your hair grow to a medium length and then shape it using a razor. Stop trimming it for seven months to achieve this look. Then you can trim it from time to time to keep the shape.


If you struggle to get enough time to maintain your beard well kept, then Garibaldi is the best option for you. It is relatively shorter than the bandholz style so you may trim it more occasionally. To grow the necessary length, allow your beard to grow for at least four months.

Trim the hair at the bottom to get a rounded appearance. Remember that the length of your moustache should be well maintained since a lot of attention will be on beards. The best thing about this look is that you can effortlessly achieve it home since it should be maintained as natural as possible.

Landlord Friendly Ways Of Vamping Up Your Rental On A Budget


Most people move 11 to 12 times in their lifetime, according to Fashion Furniture Rental. While everyone dreams of living in their dream forever home, renting is part of life. This should, however, not mean you can’t have a home straight out of a magazine spread. Even if you’re waiting to decorate your forever home, there are simple hacks you can use to transform your rental living space. While rental may be a temporary solution and standard tenancy agreements may limit your design choices, any home should feel inviting, comfortable and relaxing. These ideas are not only affordable, but they also massively improve the appearance of your home without infringing your lease contract, so you can rest assured you will get your deposit back.

Replace Window Treatments

Finding a rental that is right for you even in the face of poor credit and high rates can be tasking, so when you do, you want to create a stunning home. The easiest way to get started is to refresh the window treatments. Windows are the most noticeable part of any room. Aside from being focal points, they also regulate the brightness of a room, a very important element of interior design. That said, window treatments can make or break the overall look of your apartment. Depending on your preferences, you can go for trendy shades, blinds, reflective films, side curtains, shutters or valances. The intriguing thing about window treatments is that they not only make the house aesthetically pleasant, but they can also serve a functional purpose of lowering energy bills if placed correctly. Ensure you leave the old treatments up, or if you have to remove them, store them properly so you can put them back up when leaving.

Invest In Lighting Fixtures

The importance of lighting fixtures cannot be overstated. They play an important role in creating a warm, cozy ambience, not to mention brightening up the house. The nature of renting an apartment means that lighting fixtures may not be to your tastes, so you may need to replace existing ones. As you shop for these, keep in mind that the ultimate lighting design features general lights for whole-room light; task lights used for specific purposes like reading; and accent lights, used purely for decorative purposes. Combined, they create the ideal degree of brightness. To achieve this, aim to have at least two light sources per room. There are tonnes of stunning light fixtures on the market: chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, under the cabinet Led lights, string lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. Lighting fixtures will bring oomph and life to your space, and the best thing about them is they are inexpensive and can easily be removed when moving.

Use Color, Texture, Patterns And Furniture

Adding a pop of color, patterns, grand furnishings and texture to a room will work wonders for your rented space. Most rented houses are not as spacious as you may like, so you can use light colors to create an illusion of space. Before repainting the house, however, you should check with your landlord. Should they be comfortable, go right ahead. Most landlords will allow you to repaint a house, provided you paint it back to its original color when vacating. Luckily, paint is cheap, so even if you have to do this, you will barely feel the pinch to your finances. Alternatively, you can use removable wallpapers. The great thing about these is you can carry them to your next house, and if installed properly, they come off without damaging the walls or leaving any residue behind. Vinyl stickers are another great option. Just make sure to use neutral colors on your walls, as these make for a more polished look. You can then use furniture, rugs, throws and pillows to add color and texture to the house.

Swap Hardware Fixtures

Hardware fixtures like door knobs and faucets, although very minute details, make quite the impact. Simple things like replacing worn out fixtures and investing in trendy ones go a long way in creating a luxurious and glamorous feel in your kitchen and bathroom. Metal fixtures are all the rage this year, according to Plan Forward, from warm and soft tones of gold to brass, chrome, nickel and stainless steel. You can start with the knobs of doors and cabinets. Proceed to the bathroom, and replace an inefficient plastic shower head with a metallic one. If you have enough to splurge, you can replace the faucets and sinks as well. Wall hung, pedestal, undermount and vessel sinks are some of the hottest sink designs currently, while wall mounted, high tech faucets are holding the fort down when it comes to contemporary faucet designs. Again, such improvements are ideal, as you can simply move with your fancy fixtures when leaving, and reattach the old ones.

The floors of most rentals may not be in the best possible condition. Some are old, scratched, dented or chipped, depending on their material. Thankfully layered rugs can be used to cover these imperfections, and add texture and coziness to the room at the same time. Placing artwork on the walls, bringing in indoor plants, investing in functional but beautiful storage options, and using mirrors are other great ways of vamping up your rental without invalidating preset bonds. Your home is your space for as long as you’re renting it, so add your personal touch to make it truly yours.

Here’s What You Should Do to Keep Healthcare Costs in Check


Healthcare can be expensive. This is something national governments around the world are tackling with, looking for different ways to keep their societies healthy and prosperous. But it’s also something individuals have to think about and everyone can play their part in stopping the rising healthcare costs.

We all have to think about our health almost daily. This is because the choices we make have consequences in the short- and long-term. What you eat, how you exercise and take care of your mind and body can have a huge impact on how much you have to pay for your own healthcare. Ultimately, your personal choices will also have a wider impact – both in terms of what it costs to get health insurance and how much it is to treat certain ailments.

The stark reality is that healthcare costs are rising. This is partly down to population change – we live longer and many countries are dealing with populations where older people are the majority and caring for them is difficult. Of course, we’re also battling many diseases and ailments that have appeared thanks to our lifestyles. We eat more processed foods, sleep less, avoid exercise and tend to be highly stressed in our daily lives.

The unfortunate truth is that the sicker we become, the more we have to pay for the care we and others receive. The good news is, however, that everyone can do something to keep the healthcare costs in check.

Live a healthier life

The obvious answer is to lead a healthier life. If you don’t need to use a lot of healthcare facilities, you naturally don’t have to pay a lot of money to look after yourself. While there are definitely plenty of illnesses and injuries that are wholly out of our control, many things can be deterred or eliminated simply by making healthier lifestyle choices.

The most obvious things you should be doing in order to stay healthy are:

  • Keep your weight in check by following a healthy diet.
  • Exercise regularly and safely.
  • Stop smoking and avoid drinking alcohol or drink only moderately.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night.

As well as focusing on your body, you should also pay attention to your mental health. It’s important to balance your work and personal lives, taking enough time off from work and doing things that make you happy.

Buy the right health insurance

As a healthcare consumer, your choices also matter and they can have a huge impact on healthcare costs. Your health insurance is one of the most important health decisions you’ll make and you want to take time to understand your options and to pick the right policy.

In order to keep the costs in check, you should always compare health insurance. You don’t want to just focus on the price but pay attention to the cost and quality of the policy. If consumers force insurance provider to compete, they will end up influencing the cost of those policies and ultimately challenging the whole industry to focus on affordable, quality care.

Aside from simply comparing health insurance, you should also favour high-deductible health insurance. This will cut your premiums while ensuring you are protected against the most devastating health concerns and problems. It will put some pressure on you to cover those day-to-day healthcare issues but by living a healthier lifestyle, that shouldn’t be a big problem. Also, shop around when you are buying prescription medicine. Whether you have insurance or not. All stores have their own prices for the same medication, which can significantly vary, so do your research. Also, check your insurance to see the different costs based on the type of visit. The cost of urgent care vs. emergency room can make a huge impact on your healthcare cost.

Check your health regularly

In terms of insurance costs, it’s also important to have regular health check-ups. In fact, many health insurance plans include regular doctor check-ups and it’s important to take advantage of these. By having your health checked regularly, you can stop disease from turning into something much bigger – you give yourself more time to focus and prevent problems from arising. Of course, this doesn’t mean running to the doctor every month. In fact, the younger you are, the less frequent your visits have to be. However, the main thing is to make it regular, whether it means visiting the doctor once a year or twice a year.

Document your healthcare wishes

Finally, it’s important to think about what you want from your healthcare, especially if the worst is to happen. Most people don’t like to think about permanent injury or even death but the truth is that anything can happen to any of us. It’s important to create a legal document that outlines the kind of medical interventions you want done in case you’re not able to speak for yourself. Don’t forget that you can always change your mind but you want to have a document ready for the worst-case scenarios.

Make your health your priority

Overall, we should all start taking our health and health-related decisions seriously. It’s not a topic to avoid and by tackling the different things surrounding it, we can all ensure that healthcare doesn’t end up costing us, or the society around us, a fortune.

What to Do If Your Marriage Is Struggling and You Don’t Know Why


There are a lot of big reasons a marriage can struggle. You’ll often see these big problems discussed in TV and movies, such as in the Black Love doc series, and sometimes it can be easier to know how to work on more obvious problems.

On the other hand, how do you work on marriage problems that you feel exist, but you aren’t sure what they are?

The following are some tips and things to keep in mind.

Work on Identifying the Problem

Even though might not be immediately aware of what it is, that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t an identifiable problem and if you can pinpoint what it is, it may make it easier to work on your marriage issues.

To find a starting point, start writing a list of the things you most frequently experience tension or disagreements about.

This isn’t a blame-game list, and it should be as neutral as possible. You should also include things you feel upset or frustrated about, even if you don’t necessarily speak out about those issues.

Start By Looking At Yourself

One of the biggest hurdles in most relationships is the fact that partners want to blame one another without ever looking at themselves. It’s important to be able to take an honest, realistic look at yourself and the role you might play in problematic parts of your relationship.

Consider Individual Therapy

We often immediately jump to the concept of couple’s therapy when we’re experiencing issues in our relationships, but that’s not the only option.

For example, maybe your spouse seems very unhappy and despite your best efforts, he or she doesn’t seem to be improving. In that case, there may be nothing wrong with your relationship, but instead, your partner may need to work on their mental health issues individually.

Many people don’t realize how much their relationship can benefit if they engage in therapy or another form of mental health care, even if that treatment doesn’t directly relate to their relationship.

When you’re in a relationship with another person who seems unhappy,and it’s not due to an underlying factor such as depression (or even if it is), you do have to realize that you can’t make that person happy. Only they can truly make themselves happy, and it can take work. You can support that work and encourage them, but you can’t change them.

Show Appreciation

It sounds cliché but when you’re in a relationship, and especially one that you’ve been in for years, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to put in any effort toward the person you’re sharing a life with.

Take time to do little things that will have meaning, even if you don’t necessarily feel like you’re the problem in your relationship (also keep in mind the tip above to look at yourself first and foremost).

Show appreciation, thank your partner or let them know you’re grateful, even if it’s for something small. These little bits of gratitude can have a big impact.

Identify Negative Patterns and Work on Shifting Them

We all have negative patterns not only in our relationships but in our individual lives that we continue returning to, despite negative outcomes. In your relationship it’s very easy to get into these patterns, but much harder to clearly identify them and find ways to change them.

For example, maybe your spouse always gets upset when you do one particular thing, such as throwing wet towels on the bed. Try to identify that pattern and change it. It’s a simple change,and by changing several negative patterns, you can shift your dynamic and eliminate pointless bickering. It may not solve the big problems, but it’s a start.

Finally, instead of just asking your spouse what’s wrong if they seem to be unhappy or you’re in a rough patch, ask how you can help. This reframes the question and the conversation because it can feel like the blame game if you’re asking your spouse what’s wrong. It implies they are flawed. Instead, when you see or feel something isn’t right, ask what you can do to help your spouse feel better or to change the situation.

When you ask someone how you can help them, even if they’re not unhappy with anything you can change, it lets them know you’re on their side, and that you’re a support system no matter what. That sense of unwavering support is one of the most important things in a marriage or relationship.

Do You Know The Dangers Of Unprotected Sex?


Parents used to have to worry about their teenagers engaging in unprotected sex. They still do. However, we are also seeing emboldened millennials who are not being as careful as they should be. It’s not clear why the sudden societal change, but it might have something to do with the diminishing fear of HIV and a great desire for as much gratification as possible.

Every once in a while, it seems necessary for community leaders, parents and maybe even the press to step up and issue a not so subtle reminder about the potential dangers of having unprotected sex. The following information takes an updated look at the potential problems people can run into if they choose to roll the dice and have unprotected sex.

Unwanted Pregnancies

Yes, in the heat of the moment, lovers sometimes lose focus and forget they have a responsibility to protect one another from an unwanted pregnancy. While it’s true very few methods of birth control are full-proof, there is one that’s 100% proven to be full-proof. Unfortunately, the thought of abstinence seems to be a thing of the past. That’s a problem because increased sexual activity also increases the odds of a mistake being made.

If people are unwilling to acknowledge the fact nothing is full-proof but abstinence, they are leaving their lives in the hands of fate. Assuming fate delivers the blow of pregnancy, the blissful participants are going to find themselves dealing with issues that are best avoided.

For the woman, the pressure is two-fold. They can choose to abort the pregnancy, but many women report having difficulties dealing with the elimination of a potential life. If they choose to go forward with the pregnancy, they have to deal with the impact the birth is going to have on the rest of their lives.

Yes, adoption is certainly an option. However, there are potential psychological issues a woman who puts her child up for adoption has to consider. That sense of loss might not ever go away. If they choose to keep and raise the baby, will they do so with the father or on their own? Either way, the act of having unprotected sex even that one time will likely have a profound effect on the rest of their lives.

Do any of these possible repercussions justify the irresponsible decision to have unprotected sex?

Unwanted STDs

Of course, all STDs are unwanted. With that said, the world is still filled with people who are willing to roll the dice for a few minutes of pleasure. Like an unwanted pregnancy, some STD’s leave a permanent imprint on the individual’s life.

According to experts in the medical field, the occurrence of people contracting STD’s through casual sex is on the rise again. As indicated above, one reason for this phenomenon is a diminishing fear among millennials and teenagers regarding HIV. HIV is still a terrible disease, but it’s not the life sentence it used to be in the 80s and 90s. Without the press hammering people about the continuing presence of HIV, the incidence of amnesia about the disease’s dangers has given people a false sense of security. It’s still out there and still has the potential to be life-threatening.

As for other STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, they continue popping up on society’s radar. It’s unfortunate so many people see these types of STDs as nothing more than a nuisance. Sure, penicillin might be an ample cure, but there are still dangers associated with these diseases.

That brings the spotlight to more permanent STDs like hepatitis A & B. Both forms of this virus can be transmitted via sexual contact. Both types can be prevented with a vaccine, but hepatitis B has the potential of becoming permanent once the individual is exposed and contracts the virus. From that point on, unprotected sex during outbreaks will definitely put a partner at risk.

Prevention and Treatment for STDS

If you recently rolled the dice and they came up “snake eyes”, you’ll want to get tested for confirmation from a reputable testing facility. After detection, you can begin the process of getting treatment.

If you believe you might have been exposed to any of the aforementioned viruses or diseases, the responsible thing to do is submit yourself for testing as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is unknowingly pass anything along to someone else when it could have been prevented.

Remember, responsible sexual behavior is the best way to prevent any occurrence of an unwanted pregnancy or STD.

What to Say on a Chat Line If You’re Shy


Chat lines seem like a perfect option for a shy person. You don’t have to go out or worry about how you look. Not making eye contact isn’t a problem when you’re on the phone. It should be a shy person’s perfect solution. Except…

Calling into a dating chat line when you’re shy has got to be either the bravest or dumbest thing you’ve ever done. At least, that’s what every shy person tells themselves once they’re on the line and realize they’re going to have to, you know, talk to someone they don’t know.

If you’re painfully shy and don’t know what to say on a chat line, you’re not alone. Here’s what you can say to move past the awkward and get into a real conversation.

Ask Questions

Saying “Hi” and then sitting in silence won’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t work online, and it definitely won’t work over the phone. Once you match with someone, start by asking questions. Leave the personal ones for later, but ask simple things like how their day is going or what they’re looking for. For some people, once you get them talking, they’re happy to keep going. You can sit back and respond to what’s being said instead of having to come up with something clever and hilarious.

Admit You’re Nervous

Will every match be endeared by your nervousness? Not at all. But you don’t need everyone. You just need the one person who appreciates your honesty. They may also feel more comfortable admitting they’re shy or nervous, too. You’ve got an automatic moment of bonding, and a few minutes of the conversation can be all about how weird this moment is. Once you share that first nervous laugh, it’s much easier to start chatting about other things.

Be Yourself

Unless “yourself” is a narcissistic jerk, just be who you are. Maybe you crack silly jokes or have a list of dad jokes a mile long. Maybe you geek out on certain movies or music. You’re trying to connect to someone who will be into you (the real you) so don’t hold back now. But be aware of your audience. There’s such a thing as going overboard. If the other person isn’t getting a chance to speak or share something about themselves, you’re definitely killing it, and by “it” we mean your chances with this person.

Talk About What You Have in Common

Since you’re asking questions to get the conversation going, pay attention to what you have in common. Do you have a similar type of job or are you both the same Myers-Briggs type or astrological sign? Once you find something you have in common, focus the conversation there. It might be something you can both geek out about, and it might not. The conversation may highlight even more differences you have, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the conversation is fun and interesting, you’re probably not thinking about how shy you feel. 

Listen More than You Speak

This should come as a relief to any shy caller — instead of carrying a conversation, spend time listening. Of course this is much easier if the other person is a talker. But even if they’re shy, the best way to make a real connection, especially over the phone, is to give the other person time to talk. You don’t have to run the entire conversation for it to be successful, and people appreciate being listened to. So use tip number one (ask questions) and then sit back and listen.

Avoid Meaningless Compliments

A compliment can be a great opener when you’re shy, but don’t tell someone they’re hot when you can’t see them. Instead, comment on their voice or how interesting their interests are. If you think they’re funny, tell them. Like the huskiness of their voice? Tell them! If you’re really feeling shy, this might not be the first thing you say, but make sure it’s a genuine compliment about their name, their voice, something real.

Avoid Arrogance

A lot of shy people get told they need to fake confidence when talking to someone new. There’s nothing wrong with faking confidence, but it doesn’t take much to veer into arrogant a$$ territory, either. If you think being confident means you stop listening, don’t care what the other person says, and tell mean or vicious jokes (basically the opposite of everything we’ve already said), that’s not confidence. You’re fully into arrogant territory, and you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Being shy can sometimes feel like it holds you back when you’re dating and meeting new people. But it can actually be an asset. All you have to do is get enough courage to ask the first question or admit you’re feeling awkward. With the right person, that’ll be enough to start a conversation. From there, you never know where things will lead — whether to a second conversation or a first date.

6 Ways Knowing About Tarot Cards Will Get You in Trouble


The fact that you’re reading this, is reason enough to believe that you’ve at some point at least heard of tarots or tarot cards. You know, that deck of 78 cards with pictures or symbols that have or represent different meanings, some bad, some good…etc.? Ring a bell? Well, tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and are used for various purposes, especially by psychics, fortune tellers and even ordinary individuals like you and me to play for fun. Some even view them as a form of divination.

But then again, there’s a lot surrounding these cards that many people neither know nor understand. Nonetheless, the big question is should you learn about tarot cards? Well, there might not be a definite answer to this question because we are all different and unique in our own ways. We all also look at life differently and have our own ways of dealing with our problems, different situations, and different circumstances. There are many people who have gone to psychics or tarot readers and came back with plenty of good things to say about tarot reading. Some even go online for free tarot readings, with which this site can help you. Some report inspiration, some talk about spiritual divination, whereas others believe that it makes them psychologically calm and opens up their minds to see the bigger picture of life.


But let’s face it, anything with advantages comes with a particular set of disadvantages, and knowing about them will always put you on the right side of things or make it easier for you to avoid them. So in this case, what are some of the most probable negative aspects of learning or knowing about tarot cards?


Here are 6 ways knowing about tarot cards might probably get you in trouble.

1. Tarot Misreading

The complete tarot card deck comprises of 78 cards in total, 22 of which are referred to as the trumps or Major Arcana, whereas 56 are known as the Minor Arcana. Out of the 56, 16 are court or personality cards, comprising of kings, queens, princes, and pages. The remaining 40 are the 4 elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water with 10 cards each. The Major Arcana, on the other hand, comprises of a mix of characters without suits. Basically, each card will have its own specific meaning in a tarot reading game and whether the tarot reader is trying to read your mind, give you some insights or foretell your future, it all depends on their experience and intuition. The bad news is that there’s always a possibility of tarot misreading, especially if you’re dealing with a rookie tarot reader.

2. Faith Matters

Some faiths such as Christianity are completely against fortune-telling and related practices such as tarot reading. When you learn about tarot reader, you may be tempted to dig deeper and probably even try seeking a tarot reader’s intervention for solutions to your problems in life or assistance when facing big decision-making challenges. The simple curiosity could end up getting you in trouble with your faith or religion, especially if you belong to a denomination of firm believers.

3. Bad Readings

As earlier iterated, different cards have different meanings in a tarot card deck, especially based on their symbols and the information you give to your tarot reader. In the major, arcana stack, for instance, cards such as the card of death, judgment, ten of swords, 3 of swords, five of pentacles, and the devil are in themselves scary cards people don’t want to see in a tarot reading. When playing tarot, you can expect any outcome and this means bad readings are always a possibility. But on the flip side of the coin, not all people take bad news well, especially if it involves crucial aspects of their lives or future. A tarot reading that ends up with a death card or devil card could mean that a bad thing is about to happen in your life. It could be the loss of a job, losing a partner in a relationship, or losing a case in court, just to mention a few examples. Some people can be badly affected by such a foretelling, such that it ends up messing up their motivation, peace of mind, and even health.

4. You Could Be Defrauded

This world is full of cons and scam artists and they take every opportunity they can get to get into your pocket. There are true tarot readers who are honest, trusted people of integrity… and then there are cons who claim to be experienced psychic there to help you heal from inside out or gain insights and spiritual divinity through tarot-reading. Well, the bad news is that you can’t always tell one from the other, especially since most scam artists are really smart people. However, knowing the warning signs of con tarot readers can be helpful.

5. Temptation to Cheat

This one is more or less, the exact opposite of the above point. Knowing about tarot cards can easily get you into gaining deep interest in the practice. If you’re born in a family where one of the parents is a psychic, for instance, it is easy for you to end up becoming one, especially if your parent is successful at it. As your interest slowly grows and you gain some experience in it, this could change along the way. Let’s be honest, no one is immune to temptation, but it is how you react to it that matters most. You can also be falling into such temptations could get you into trouble with law enforcement or in the worst case scenario, into the wrath of an angry mob. It is important that if you find yourself having a passion for this line of work, you remember that integrity and discipline will be key in your success.

6. Perception Conflicts

Some people tend to believe so much in what a tarot reader tells them at the end of the interpretation. However, this may not be a good thing for some people. The person could end up being overconfidence in their future or probably so devastated in case the outcome was a bad reading. On both accounts, it could be a recipe for trouble.


To many people, tarot reading is a good thing, especially when used for the right, positive reasons such as personal development, spiritual divinity, and inspiration of thought. For those who intend to become psychics, it is important to note that it will take time, experience, discipline, and integrity for you to be a successful tarot reader. All in all, knowing the above 6 things can help you stay out of trouble when you learn about tarot cards.