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35 Black & White Wedding Dresses with Edgy Elegance


As you search for the perfect bridal gown, the endless sea of white and ivory frocks is likely to become rather overwhelming. After a short time of scouring storefronts, they are likely to start blending together in your mind and looking the same, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Pixelformula Georges Chakra Winter 2012 2013 Haute Couture Fashion Show Paris

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If you’re looking to stand out on your big day, opt for a black and white gown instead of one in a single solid shade. These classic colors can pair together to create a timeless look with any vibe that you want, from edgy to traditional.

Black White Wedding Dresses

Image Source: Wrinkle Reduction News

Straight off the spring 2015 runway, this Vera Wang strapless style features a black satin bandeau bust, a white chiffon bodice, and a full princess skirt.

Black White Wedding Dresses 1

Image Source: The Knot

While most black and white styles feature a white dress with black accents, the reverse is true in this edgy gown from Hayley Paige’s spring 2015 bridal collection. Perfect for a bride looking for an unconventional look that will still make her feel like a princess on her big day, this strapless gown features a white and black geometric beaded bodice and a full tulle skirt.

Black White Wedding Dresses 2

Image Source: Etsy.com/shop/AliceCloset

This black and white empire waist bridal gown is physical proof that there is true beauty in simplicity. Custom-made by Etsy seller AliceCloset, the white skirt of this one-of-a-kind gem is made of chiffon, while the bodice is handcrafted from genuine black lace and embroidered with beads and sequins.

Black White Wedding Dresses 3

Image Source: Dress Come On

This A-line spaghetti strap wonder features black lace detailing at the bodice and a lovely maroon velvet sash at the waist that could easily be removed if desired.

Black White Wedding Dresses 4

Image Source: Belle The Magazine

This strapless number from Sophia Tolli is the epitome of sophistication, with a black sheer overlay arranged over a white A-line gown. Crystal accents and lace detailing simply add to its refined style.

Black White Wedding Dresses 5

Image Source: Bridal Guide

A sheer white overlay with gorgeous lace embroidery adds a bridal quality to the basic black skirt on this tea-length beauty from Isaac Mizrahi. A built-in black sash at the waistline and a lovely strapless neckline are details of the finest quality.

Black White Wedding Dresses 6

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

A classic ball gown silhouette and a black and white pinstripe pattern with a Tim Burton-esque edge make this style a perfect fit for an unconventional lady looking for a dress to which she can “say yes!”

Black White Wedding Dresses 7

Image Source: Wedding Chicks

If you’re still undecided regarding a two-tone look, go for one with versatility. Top a slim-fitting white gown with a black cap-sleeve bolero and tie a black tulle sash at the waist to create a look with edge. If you’re feeling more traditional at some point on your big day, you can always remove the black accent pieces for a while!

Black White Wedding Dresses 10

Image Source: Snowy Bridal

Bohemian hippie meets glamour girl with this strapless chiffon dress from Snowy Bridal. The unique bodice is complete with shimmery black sequins sewn into its unique bodice, which wraps at the waist and ties in the back.

Black White Wedding Dresses 11

Image Source: Maya Hansen

Goth girls and punk princesses will go berserk for this white satin design from Maya Hansen, which features real Italian lace, gorgeous bow detailing, and a sexy corset bodice. Top off the look with a feminine headband and classic elbow length evening gloves.

Black White Wedding Dresses 12

Image Source: Brides.Magazine

Black polka dots scattered across this strapless Sarah Jassir ball gown make it a fun yet fashionable choice for a bride who’s looking to make a splash on her wedding day.

Black White Wedding Dresses 13

Image Source: Wedding Wire

While the high neck, cap sleeves, and net skirt of this Alfredo Angelo gown are enough to wow your wedding guests, it’s the ultra-feminine black lace overlay that truly makes it an unforgettable piece.

Black White Wedding Dresses 15

Image Source: Chic Brown Bride

It’s obvious why this black and white gem from Maggie Sottero lit up the runway; it couldn’t possibly be more gorgeous. A black floral chiffon belt and floral appliques are the perfect accents for a princess gown with a full tulle skirt and sweetheart neckline.


Modesty can also be sexy, as this taffeta gown from Only Love Wedding Dresses proves quite well. A long-sleeved bodice made of black lace is sheer enough to create a “peek-a-boo” effect with the strapless sweetheart neckline that lies underneath.

Black White Wedding Dresses 16

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

When you think of plaid prints, visions of flannel shirts and schoolgirl jumpers rather than bridal gowns probably come to mind, but this plaid strapless ball gown is a winner when it comes to wedding fashion. Floral and lace detailing, as well as a fitted bodice and full skirt, keeps the look fresh rather than dowdy.

Black White Wedding Dresses 18

A one shoulder floral applique adds a splash of eccentricity to a classic look when layered over this strapless chiffon mermaid gown by designer Marchesa.

Black White Wedding Dresses 19

A bride with a penchant for the dramatic will instantly fall in love with this lace mermaid gown, featuring a daring black bodice crafted of chiffon and netting.

Black White Wedding Dresses 20

This striking Gothic style features a collared black cape attached to a simple white ball gown, making it ideal for a fall or winter wedding.

Black White Wedding Dresses 21

Ombre may be the latest trend when it comes to hair color, but it’s also rocking the bridal world. The unique neckline and dip-dye hem of this chiffon beauty make it trendy yet timeless.

Black White Wedding Dresses 22

You don’t have to shell over the big bucks for a custom-made gown in order to look truly original on your big day. Instead, go for a vintage frock, like this one sold by Etsy shop The Smart Set Vintage. A sleek, straight-skirted white gown is paired with polka dot straps, a sweetheart neckline, and a gorgeous black bow for a look that screams of Old Hollywood.


38 Poignant Quotes to Tell Someone “I Miss You”


Even though it is undoubtedly painful, there’s no avoiding it. Quite frankly, every person must experience the uniquely human emotion of missing a loved one at some point in life.

Whether it’s just missing a dear friend for a matter of hours during a long work shift, or the painfully raw reality of laying someone to rest in death, missing someone is something that most of us will have to do several times throughout our life span.

Some of these “I Miss You” quotations will make you laugh, while others may bring tears to your eyes, but they are all incredibly relatable for anyone who takes the time to read them. We hope that these touching words are able to bring joy and healing to your heart as you think of the person you miss the most.

missing you quotes

As much as it may hurt, the amount that you miss someone is a nice affirmation of how much you truly love that person.

miss you quotes 4

A sure way to tell if someone is meant to be in your life is if you can’t stop missing that person when he or she is absent from it.


Even if it does ignite laughter, this memealso has a serious undertone, as sometimes the people we miss the most don’t even realize how much pain they are making us endure by failing to be in our lives.

i miss you quotes 7

While this sentiment is undeniably heartwrenching, it’s also relatable for the incredible amount of individuals who have someone specialto miss each and every day.

i miss you quotes 8

Beyonce may be capable of driving us to let loose on the dance floor, but she also has a way with words that makes us introspectively examine our own lives. This is certainly the case with the lyrics of “I Miss You,” a song that describes the relatable feelings when you miss and want to get back together with a former lover. When this happens, you have to wonder if the feelings you had in the past can honestly be recreated.

i miss you quotes 9

It can take a long time to get to such a point of inner peace, but it is possible to miss someone and also realize that he or she is never returning to you.

i miss you quotes 10

This quotation is perfect for those with snarky, sarcastic personalities to share with their missed loved ones.

i miss you quotes 11

Missing someone can be a terrible experience, but thinking about the distance between the two of you in a positive light can transform the sadness into anticipation for the next time you will be reunited.

i miss you quotes 12

Whether you have lost a loved one due to death, a breakup, or some other circumstance, sometimes it can feel as though that missing presence has smashed your heart and snatched your soul.

missing you quotes 1

Both action and inaction can reveal just how much you miss someone.

missing you quotes 2

Regardless of how chaotic or boring your life may be, there’s simply no avoiding the sadness that comes along with missing someone who is dear to you.

missing you quotes 3

From following your heart to eating cookies, there’s a “Keep Calm and Carry On” meme for just about anything, but missing someone terribly is enough to keep a person from staying calm and doing anything but thinking about that special someone.

missing you quotes 4

Regardless of whether the absence is your fault, sometimes it takes actually losing someone to really grasp how deeply you could miss him or her.

missing you quotes 6

At times, music lyrics can express our feelings best, as is proven with these poignant words from the band Incubus about missing someone special.

missing you quotes 5

Even if you spend 95% of your time with someone you love, that mere sliver of time when you aren’t with that person can be tortuous.

miss 1

Instead of wrestling with yourself in an attempt to find the right words to say, sometimes it’s best to just be honest and admit that there are none to truly capture how much you miss someone.

I Always Miss You-1291451057

Whether you express it in years, days, or minutes, missing someone for eternity always means forever.

miss 2

Long distance relationships can be entirely worth the distance and the wait until you can see that person again, but sometimes it does feel like you’re gambling with your heart when many miles lie between you and a romantic partner.

miss 5

Deep down, everyone knows they can’t run away from their problems, but you can’t really blame anyone who tries to escape from the pain of missing someone.


It’s not just their musical talents that have garnered such a vast fan base for the band Blink 182; their lyrics are also incredibly honest and relatable. As these lyrics reveal, even if a former flame has left you, it’s impossible to get that individual out of your life if you’re always missing him or her.

miss 5

For many of us, the people we want to forget the most are also the ones that we can’t stop missing, no matter how hard we may try to do so.

miss you tumblr

We couldn’t possibly think of better words to describe the aching in your soul when you miss someone terribly.

miss you 6

Dreams can be a comforting respite from the lonely feelings that go along with missing someone.

miss you miss you

As anyone who has genuinely missed another person can attest, the deepest feelings come in waves. Just when you think that you’re about to heal and overcome the sadness that you associate with the void he or she left in your life, the feelings rise back up, stronger than ever, and sweep you off your feet.

miss you quotes

While missing someone who has passed away is undoubtedly traumatizing, it can be equally painful to miss someone who is still alive but wants nothing to do with you. Sadly often, the only way to overcome the pain is to pretend you don’t miss that person until you trick yourself into believing such a farce.


Most people can completely identify with this short snippet of lyrics from the Fort Minor song “Where’d You Go?” Even if someone you love has only been gone for a matter of hours, it can feel as though weeks, months, or even years have passed because his or her absence in your life is so monumental.


Just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean that everything is okay beneath the surface. Ironically, it seems like we give our best performances and convince the world that we’re completely okay just when we’re feeling the most vulnerable about missing a loved one.


You know you truly miss someone when you don’t just miss the good times, but you also miss the tearful ones simply because that person was there to comfort you and be your support system.

cool 1

Honestly missing someone means missing every experience you could ever have with him or her, both those of a physical and an emotional nature.

miss you quotes 2

Missing someone who is an integral part of your life can almost feel like missing yourself more than it seems like missing another person, simply because he or she has become part of your identity and existence.

miss you quotes 1

Sadly, even someone with a PhD or all the money in the world can’t change the ways of the heart. Perhaps all relationships could be saved and no one would ever have to miss someone else if it was actually possible to force others to walk in your shoes and experience your pain first-hand.

miss you 1

Even after someone has been gone for many years, the memories are never gone, making it virtually impossible to stop missing him or her. While this could be interpreted as a depressing notion, it can also be a comforting idea in the sense that a lost loved one is always with you in every season of your life.

i will miss you

There’s no better way to describe how much you love and miss someone than in a manner filled with natural and beautiful imagery.


Saying three small words, “I Miss You,” can seem like an incredibly futile and insignificant way to summarize a feeling that has consumed your body, soul, and mind.

it hurts quote

To have someone present both physically and emotionally is the only way to heal the pain of missing him or her. While missing someone who can’t be physically present is certainly painful, it can be equally daunting to miss someone who always seems to be there in body but is emotionally unavailable to you.

miss you

When others may tell you to get over a lover who seems to have forgotten you, they obviously are forgetting the fact that you have not only missed a romantic partner, but also a best friend.


Even though it’s difficult, it may be possible to avoid obsessing over how much you miss someone during the daytime hours, when you can keep yourself busy with mindless tasks. However, when the sun finally sets and it’s time to rest your mind for the night, it’s impossible to run away from the pain that void creates in your life.

miss you quotes

It’s odd how the nature of time can truly change depending on whether the person you cherish the most is with you; you can never have enough time with someone who means the world to you.

25 Football Player Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Cut


In today’s society, we often look to movie stars and musicians for inspiration when it comes to how we style, cut, and color our hair, completely forgetting about the hairstyle ideas that professional athletes can provide to us.

football player hairstyle 44

Not only do they feel the pressure to look great at all times because the press is constantly hounding them, but professional athletes must also select hairstyles that are practical during intense workouts, unlike other celebrities. It seems like football players in particular always shave great taste when it comes to styling their hair, so check out these professional players and the awesome styles they’re rocking these days.

football player hairstyle messi football player hairstyle wow

You may be a fan of long, lustrous locks, or perhaps you gravitate towards traditionally masculine styles, like close buzz cuts. Regardless, you’re bound to find something you like here! Whether you’re looking for some ideas for your own hair or just searching for some eye candy, you won’t regret scrolling through these awesome photos!

football player hairstyle

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may be famous for surpassing all expectations during his rookie year and beyond, but he’s also known for consistently looking polished and presentable. His afro hairstyle is all natural and trimmed to a shorter length to keep it neat and under control.

football player hairstyle 1

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison was popular with the ladies not only for his skills on the field, but also for the ponytail that trailed along his back. However, when he snipped his famous ponytail and donated it to a cancer patient in need of a wig via Locks of Love, the world fell in love with his shorter style.

football player hairstyle 2

We can’t really blame Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks for getting upset when Pierre Garcon pulled his dreads in an attempt to stop him on the field. Not only was the play completely illegal according to the NFL, it would be a tragedy for Sherman’s admirers if the skilled cornerback’s perfectly groomed, shoulder-length dreads were damaged!

football player hairstyle 3

Cameron Wake, a Miami Dolphins defensive end player, keeps it fresh by shaving the sides of his head and leaving his hair natural on top. His look is physical proof that short styles can have some edge, too!

football player hairstyle 4

Millions of women spend gobs of money and time in hair salons each year in hopes of transforming their locks into a blonde shade like that of Green Bay Packer linebacker Clay Matthews, who swears his shade is au natural. It’s no surprise that Matthews became an official spokesperson for shampoo and conditioner giant Suave back in 2014!

football player hairstyle 6

Matthews isn’t the only one with hair that’s garnering him a lucrative endorsement deal; Troy Polamalu (formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers) has such an attractive, wavy mane that Head & Shoulders actually had his locks insured for $1 million dollars after he became their official spokesperson!

football player hairstyle 8

Julian Edelman’s classy haircut and style has been inarguably just as big of a hit with fans as his Superbowl player status as a wide receiver and punt returner for the New England Patriots. This refined hairstyle features a longer cut on the top that fades into short sides and a short back.

football player hairstyle 9

Odell Beckham, Jr. wears a Mohawk just as well as he wears his New York Giants jersey. While we think his hair looks fantastic the way it is, this wide receiver has also been known to play around with color and highlight the top of his Mohawk with a dark blonde hue.

football player hairstyle 10

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, can thank his supermodel wife, Giselle, for ensuring that his hair always looks great. Lately, he’s been sporting a longer, windswept style that’s trendy but also easily manageable on and off the field.

football player hairstyle 12

Let’s face it: Every woman wants her boyfriend to have hair like Eric Decker of the New York Jets. With lots of body and a deep brown shade, this wide receiver’s side-parted style is undeniably sexy.

football player hairstyle 13

Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, adds edge to a basic buzz by having a swirl design etched atop his head. The acclaimed player’s signature symbol has been requested by masses of super fans at hair salons and barbershops across the nation ever since Kaepernick was first spotted sporting it.

football player hairstyle 122

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Aaron Murray’s tousled black hair is full of body and effortlessly styled to perfection. It’s no surprise that the talented quarterback is a favorite with female fans!

football player hairstyle 134

Victor Cruz, a wide receiver for the New York Giants is living proof that any guy with a smooth, great-shaped head can rock a closely shaved buzz cut. His hair is always neatly shorn and looking fresh!

football player hairstyle 15

While we were big fans of the shoulder-length style that Blaine Gabbert wore with pride as an NFL rookie, we adore the shorter style that the San Francisco 49ers player has been rocking lately. The side-parted cut makes the blonde quarterback look more seasoned and mature than his formerly flowing locks ever could.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman (12) adjusts a headphone before an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)
(AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

Josh Freeman’s sleek and slicked up Mohawk has garnered him just as many female fans as his on-the-field skills have awarded him. Formerly of the Minnesota Vikings, the well-coiffed quarterback now pairs his Mohawk with a Miami Dolphins jersey.

football player hairstyle `18

While this quarterback’s hair could have been ranked among the NFL’s worst styles when he first appeared on the professional sports scene, a new ‘do ensures that Jay Cutler could always turn to male modeling if things don’t pan out with the NFL in the long run. With a little bit of product and the right cut, the Chicago Bears all-star has gone from sloppy to striking, thanks to his hair!

football player hairstyle 17

Not quite a Mohawk but more dimensional and complex than an all-over buzz, guys all over the country are requesting haircuts like Demaryius Thomas, a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

football player hairstyle 18

Defensive end Justin James Watt, also known as “J.J.,” is just as famous for his great hair as he is for his stellar football career and charity work. When he’s not helping young athletes through is nonprofit or on the field with the Houston Texans, he’s styling his sexy and spiky blond hair!

football player hairstyle 19

Danny Amendola, a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, is famous for being one of the NFL’s hottest sex symbols. It’s easy to see why, with his gorgeous brunette locks that are always perfectly side-swept.

football player hairstyle 20

New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowskiis just one more reason that his team is filled with the hottest players in the NFL. Also known as “Gronk,” the tight end is loved for his playboy reputation, as well as for his spiked hairstyle.

football player hairstyle 21

Sure, plenty of athletes may sport dreadlocked hairstyles, but we can’t think of anyone with dreads as thick and colossal as those of the Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson. The free agent running back is giving Lil’ Wayne some competition when it comes to who can rock the more massive dreads!

football player hairstyle 22

While Domata Peko of the Cincinnati Bengals has received a lot of criticism from those that think his hair is out of control and unruly, we think it’s absolutely awesome. The defensive tackle is truly a style icon, as he is credited with starting a long hair trend among NFL players. His long mane even has its own Facebook page, with hundreds of dedicated followers who find his hairstyle to be alluring and totally sexy! Allow this acclaimed football star to be your inspiration if you have ever dreamt of letting your hair grown down your back!

football player hairstyle 23

A girl would have to be completely insane to give up the opportunity to run her hands through Mark Sanchez’s wavy, chocolate brown mane! While the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has worn it both long and short over the years, we prefer the medium-length style he’s currently rocking in 2015.

CENTURY CITY, CA - APRIL 17: NFL player Scott Fujita attends the 21st annual GLAAD Media Awards at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on April 17, 2010 in Century City, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

While he may have retired from the NFL a few years back, Scott Fujita (formerly of Kansas City Chiefs) is still making headlines for his philanthropic work and personal life. We also think he should be getting some positive press for his hair, which always look absolutely incredible! The famous linebacker’s middle parted, chocolate brown locks with a slight wave would make anyone envious!

football player hairstyle 25

Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals describes his ornate dreadlock style as a “silent tribute” to his deceased mother, who always loved his appearancewhen his hair was in long dreads. We can certainly understand why she enjoyed seeing her son wear such a style, as he isn’t satisfied with just letting his dreads hang in a sloppy manner. In fact, the wide receiver has a full-scale salon in his home and is usually seen wearing intricately weaved ponytails and buns like the one pictured here!


44 Henna Body Tattoos to Transform Your Figure Into Art


When you first hear the word “Henna,” you perhaps think of scantily clad, over-imbibing college students with temporary tattoos flooding areas like South Beach or Panama City. Sure, it’s possible to get a cheesy and basically meaningless tattoo that is marketed as “Henna” for ten bucks during a spring break trip, but Henna is actually a very elegant and traditional art form that has existed for generations, primarily in Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cultures.

henna tattoo designs 5 640bb706bfc69601598a4fa1c7652481 flowers-and-birds_henna hand-henna-tattoo-designs 5 hand-henna-tattoo-designs henna tattoo designs 1 henna tattoo designs 2 henna tattoo designs 3 henna tattoo designs 4


Henna is the name of a flowering plant that produces a deeply pigmented powder that can be mixed with water to create a dye that will color the skin without damaging it, making it an ideal material to use for temporary tattoos. Other natural materials, such as spices, coffee, and tea, can be added to the dye to produce a variety of shades. While the dye is in its boldest and most vibrant state after being on the skin for about two days, a Henna tattoo can last for up to two weeks, depending on the quality and amount of dye that was used in its original application. In some cultures, the dye is also used to temporarily color hair, but its most common and universal use is for relatively short-lived tattoo art on skin and nails.

henna tattoo designs 14 henna tattoo designs 6 henna tattoo designs 7 henna tattoo designs 8 henna tattoo designs 9 henna tattoo designs 10 henna tattoo designs 11 henna tattoo designs 12 henna tattoo designs 13

While Henna has gained popularity and is now seen all over the globe in modern times, it originated over 5,000 years ago in the Middle East, although no one knows exactly where and when it first appeared. Used by all social classes, Henna body art was used for decorating the body, but also for spiritual healing. While some individuals simply appreciated the physical ornamentation that Henna art could provide to them, others believed deeply (and still do today) that the art form could deepen their natural awareness and sense of spirituality, depending on the materials used to produce it and the meaning behind various symbols that were etched onto the skin using the dye.

henna tattoo designs

henna tattoo designs 18 henna tattoo designs 20 henna tattoo designs body henna tattoo designs

Regardless of what your reason may be for wanting to give Henna a try, we have searched high and low to present you with a variety of temporary Henna body tattoo ideas that are certain to awaken your senses and make you feel as beautiful as a god or goddess. Whether you’re looking for a lavish design to wear on your wedding day, or something to make you stand out at a music festival this summer, get ready to be inspired!

henna tattoo

Painted delicately along the spine, this floral design is topped with a subtle coating of clear body glitter to create a gorgeous shimmer effect when the light hits it at just the right angle.

henna tattoo designs

In the world of Henna art, fish typically stand for a woman’s eye, while flowers symbolize happiness and joy. It seems fitting that a pregnant woman would adorn her swollen belly with these images, as a new child is certain to bring plenty of blissful joy to her life from the minute he or she is conceived.


The tree of life is a beautiful concept that revolves around renewal and interconnectedness. Deeply rooted within countless cultures and religions all over the globe, the tree of life joins the heavens and life on Earth, making it a comforting and precious motif for those who may have lost loved ones or who desire a sense of kinship with others, both blood relatives and fellow inhabitants of the Earth. This elaborate Henna tattoo featuring the tree of life makes use of the entire back as a human canvas.


According to the nonprofit organization Breastcancer.org, breast cancer is on the rise, with 1 in 8 women in the United States battling the disease in a lifetime. After an invasive surgery like a mastectomy, it can be difficult for a woman to learn to love her transformed body. We absolutely love the idea of adorning the area where a woman’s breasts used to be with an ornate Henna design like this one, a feminine style that looks like a piece of upscale lingerie at first glance. Such a gorgeous piece of art is guaranteed to make any woman embrace her shape and feel comfortable in her own skin.

henna tattoo designs 2

Whoever designed this stunning Henna tattooprovided the body with more ornament than any fashion designer or upscale jewelry store could possibly dream of offering. The gold accents within the full back design make it truly stand out against the rest.

henna tattoo designs 3

According to the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, the average woman cares enough about her hair’s appearance that she spends the equivalent of ten days per year washing and styling it. If each woman tends to care that much about making sure that her hair is perfectly coiffed, imagine how she must feel to suddenly not have anything on her head to fix each day. The concept of a “Henna crown,” or a gorgeous Henna tattoo designed on a bald scalp, allows women who face hair loss to look and feel just as strikingly beautiful as if they had a fresh wash, cut, and color from an upscale salon.

henna tattoo designs 5

In the world of Henna body art, the elephant is a prominent symbol. Not only is it a magnificent creature to behold, this beloved animal generally symbolizes good luck. With an elephant Henna design like this one that covers the entire back, you will have plenty of positive vibes and good fortune covering you!

henna tattoo designs 55

In traditional Asian cultures, it is widely believed that covering the hands with Henna will increase a woman’s fertility and fill her body with positive energy, making a complex Henna tattoo like this one especially popular for brides to wear on their wedding day. With that said, you could wear something like this any time you want to experiment with design and

henna tattoo designs 7

An intricately drawn Henna tattoo is undeniably lovely, but some may feel that it’s a bit much to wear to school or work on a regular day. A foot design, like this one pictured that almost resembles a delicate lace slipper, is a great way to fill your life with Henna that can be covered and only shown when you want it to be revealed.

henna tattoo designs mehdi

This lacey Henna foot tattoo also incorporates colorful medallions for a punch of playfulness and fun.

henna tattoo designs 8

Many people who are interested in Henna tattoos may already have permanent tattoos on their skin. Create a 100% original look by incorporating your permanent tattoos into your temporary Henna design of choice, like this person did by having feminine blooms surround an already existent cross tattoo.

henna tattoo designs 9

A luxuriant Henna design that covers the arms and hands is perfect for wearing to a formal occasion, such as a wedding or ball. We especially adore how this one is accented with itty-bitty crystals and reaches all the way to the fingernail beds.

henna tattoo designs 10

If flowers truly stand for joy and happiness in the world of Henna art, then this design is pretty much guaranteed to fill your life with pure bliss.

henna tattoo designs 11

This patterned Henna tattoo covering the arms, hands, calves, and feet was applied to a bride’s body the evening before her traditional Indian wedding ceremony.

henna tattoo designs 12

In general, swans represent success. Whether it’s success in a marriage, career, or another endeavor, this is the symbol to choose if you want to achieve your biggest life’s goal.

henna tattoo designs 14

Those looking for a simple design without too much intricate imagery will adore this basic yet beautiful Henna tattoo idea.

henna tattoo designs 15

While lower back tattoos are often referred to as “tramp stamps,” this Henna tattoo oozes with classiness rather than trashiness! The curves of the design perfectly contour the natural curves of the body.

henna tattoo designs 156

An alternative to the belly or lower back, the shoulder is a fantastic placement for those who wish to stay modest while rocking a Henna tattoo, like this relatively simple floral choice.

henna tattoo designs 20

Contrary to popular belief, Henna tattoos do not always have to be drawn in reddish brown or black ink. This hand design featuring basically every shade of the rainbow is an excellent example of how even the brightest colors can be incorporated into any Henna tattoo.

henna tattoo designs 21

Those who select Henna art designs that include vines and leaves are often looking for tattoos that stand for perseverance. If you find yourself in a tough situation that is testing your ability to make it through the mires of life, opt for a large Henna piece that incorporates winding natural elements into its design.

henna tattoo designs 25

You will feel free and transformative if you choose to rock a butterfly Henna tattoo like this one on your body. While butterflies would look outstanding when placed just about anywhere, they look especially beautiful when drawn in a scattered formation along the hip or stomach.

henna tattoo body

If you are simply a fan of the appearance of Henna and aren’t interested in its healing or symbolic qualities, don’t be afraid to have fun and incorporate pop culture into your design. This full sleeve Henna tattoo featuring My Little Pony is an awesome way to pay homage to every girl’s favorite 1980’s cartoon character.

51 Easy Face Painting Ideas to Light Up Your Life


When most people hear the term “face painting,” their mind conjures up images of melting ice cream cones, smudged clowns, and blurred bears smeared on the cheeks of crying toddlers at an overcrowded carnival. Sure, that’s one type of face painting, but that’s not all there is to it.

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What you may not realize is that there is also an extremely skilled approach to face painting. Sure, the carnival variety exists, but it can also be a beautiful art form that requires as much practice and expertise as any other type of creative expression that we as a society look upon with respect and admiration.

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Unlike tattoos, face painting is a totally temporary way of experimenting with color and design, as well as a fantastic way of expressing whatever you may be feeling in the moment. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, you can have fun playing around with painting your face as long as you’re willing to think outside of the box. We hope that this extensive collection of photos will inspire you to find the face painting idea that’s right for you, whether you rock it at a casual outdoor concert or a more formal occasion.

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face painting

This design is ideal for those who want to experiment with a little bit of face paint without getting too crazy. Featuring small dots painted in white along the brow line and surrounding the inner eye, as well as straight lines along the cheekbone, this style is understated enough that its wearer could still rock some bold cosmetics at the same time.

20 Easy Holiday Makeup Ideas for Every Season


Let’s face it – holidays are getting more and more scarce lately! Yes, we are always on the run, constantly trying to make an once-in-a-lifetime impression… And yes, the bet is really high, if you think about it. It’s been some time since we realized that we need to be successful at school, college, work, our relationships with boyfriends, husbands, lovers and peers in general.

holiday makeupholiday makeup 3Christmas-Lips-TutorialTut Here http://beautyswatch.com/christmas-lips-tutorial/



Under normal circumstances our stunning appearance is a guarantee for great positioning. Makeup is essential in this respect. Would you dare to oppose?

Depending on the occasion, getting to the right makeup idea could take from 5 minutes up till 1 hour and more. Most of us don’t really want to hit the upper bound when on vacation, for example. We desperately need to make this smart, so we don’t miss a romantic sunset with our beloved – hugging, kissing and what’s next… The issue with time-consuming makeup designs is even more severe if we talk about 2 days weekend trips, isn’t it?

We could easily get lost in the sea of great options, so we propose a pragmatic approach – let’s focus on a baseline makeup idea, which we will develop and slightly adjust according to… Well, seasons.

Seasons do matter, especially in regards to holidays. Going further with pragmatism, let’s adopt natural makeup designs as our baseline to build on top of – they just make you look great on any occasion. For instance, natural designs could easily be enriched with smokey eye effects, which totally makes you ready for another great party night. Master the baseline and extending it will be just a matter of couple of minutes more in front of the mirror.


If you also see it like this, you are at the very right place. We have prepared a collection of 17 easy natural holiday makeup ideas that will help you look amazing in every season. We did our best to pick design and ideas in a way you’d definitely find something inspirational for you. Remember, simplicity is the key to success and our main mantra from here on.

Are you already excited? Would you like to know how to easily boost your natural look? Well, there are pretty cool online tutorials, but in a nutshell this is how you’d quickly get to outstanding results. Apply mildlysome powder and be careful with the concealer. Add blush (orange, cherry, bronze, gold – depending on the season), eyeshadows – if you feel right about it on this particular occasion – and a bit of mascara. Finish up with gloss. There you go!


Fresh spring look requires lightening up your natural makeup

Spring is definitely reserved for love, passion and new opportunities in general. Would you be surprised if you were told there were places where we had constant spring, such as the Canarians? Would you dare to dream of these places?

Truth is when spring arrives we need to lighten up our makeup a bit – make it more suitable to the vivid colors mother Nature already offers. We need to enjoy this and not try to compete with what’s perfect anyway- this is how we contribute to the unique experience of spring itself, this is how we are beautiful in harmony and not in contrast – especially on a special Canarian vacation, why not?


Yes, it’s so easy to become the most stylish princess of a Carnival… Get experienced with the steps about applying neutral makeup and you are almost there! What else would you need? Oh, yes, don’t forget about picking the right gloss color. If you decide to use a flower, it might be a good idea to pick your gloss color accordingly. You may make up your mind about a bit of eyelashes – hey, we cannot have all the goodness in one place. No doubt, you’d be the most magnificent lady in any special Canarian night.


Now, if you are in the mood of enriching your makeup a bit, you could always combine black eyeliner with black mascara and body-colored eyeshadows. Depending on your skin tone, it may be a good idea to apply a bit of silver and gold. If you are really careful, you’ll get to great and elegant look.


But again, do not forget – stick with simplicity and you’ll never be wrong. And you could notice the same pattern here, although the skin tone of the model is very different compared to the one above. If your skin tone is darker, you may safely go with flesh, peach, shell and even coral pink gloss. Lining your eyebrows is a matter of preference.


Summer’s makeup lightening continued

Think about a romantic dinner on a boat in a hot summer evening. There might be some tender music and what not. This is a game… You know it and therefore you need to be irresistible tonight while making it pretty darn clear that you are in control.


Of course, our summer makeup might need to be resistant to heat and – sorry to mention it – perspiration, shouldn’t it? The safest option in such situations is minimal and neat makeup designs. Experience leads to perfection, so keep trying while selecting the right products carefully.


See, beauty is an universal language which goes far beyond mere restrictions, such as race, skin color and features. These are all important, but getting to the common pattern which works independent of everything is even more so. And languages are all about patterns, aren’t they? We just need to look for them, that’s all.


You’d probably need to adjust the blush or bronze colors a bit to match your skin tone. A piece of advice – avoid the orange in summer. Of course, you’d think twice before picking up the right lip gloss for you. This requires a bit of exercising until you figure it out which colors outline your features and underline your eyes to the best. It is totally worth both the time and the efforts, though!


Autumn colors evolve makeup best when fall comes

Let’s imagine we are on a charming trip in Tuscany. Autumn is a great season to explore and enjoy the magic and beauty of this paradise in the very heart of Italy. What makeup would you figure out for a romantic dinner in a neat magical restaurant settled in the outskirts of a small mountain revealing breathtaking scenery – warm sunset, vineyards, monasteries and endless yellow fields. Complementing your natural holiday makeup ideas with warm – autumn-inspired – eyeshadow colors is definitely a way to go.


Bronze, peach, apricot, almond, soft gold and any other variations of yellow, orange and brown would definitely boost your autumn look. Now, this is not a rule or something, but it perfectly makes sense, if you think about it – it is time for us to stop lightening up our makeup and prepare for the winter to come.


However, autumn is still warm. Despite of the fact that summer is already gone, a romantic trip in Tuscany would prove it right that autumn could also be hot, while you definitely deserve to be smoking hot everywhere. Therefore, pay special attention to your gloss as well. You may want to keep using neutral colours, such as coral or soft cinnamon.


However, every rule implies exceptions. Bordo and dark red lipstick colors could be an extremely good fit, especially if you want to put a special emphasis on your lips. We should not be dogmatic about gloss colors and decide on them case by case.


Winter holiday makeup brings eyeliner and colors back

The next unforgettable New Year’s Eve is just about to come. Maybe you plan to have a small trip to a nice mountain resort? You would probably enjoy an excellent hotel with its own spa center, wouldn’t you? Oh, such a lovely winter experience would not be so awesome if not shared – friends will be there, for sure! There will be so many occasions for you to be irresistible and most wanted… So what would be your choice? Maybe something like this?


Yes, you got it right! Black eyeliner will definitely do great for you in winter. So if your skin tone is darker, you could always rely on mildly applying cherry blush. It will make you look energetic and enthusiastic – the way you should feel in the most beautiful and peaceful mountain resort, shouldn’t you? But what, if your skin tone was not dark at all? Just go ahead and you will get to an answer right now.


Well, on the one hand side you could play ice queen, if this role suits you well. Red and bordo gloss colors will never let you down. You may also decide to use neutral blush colors in order to emphasize on your cold and impossible-to-get-to beauty. If you also feature blue, green or gray eyes, you’d be the goddess of Winter herself. And if you don’t? Check this out!


Oh, right! Then you’d be the goddess of Everything-else, no doubt about it! There is a small change in the game plan, though – you stick to light gloss colors. As you could see, the black eyeliner is still there. The common pattern, do you remember? As we are approaching the end of our short tour in the world of seasons and natural beauty, let’s finally think about New Year’s Eve. At the end of the day, what a winter holiday would it be without a wild party?


Ladies, it’s prime time for us to be bold and break free. Neutral is cool, but for this very evening we will need something on top! Eyelashes, smoldering smokey eye effects and vivid eyeshadows – lighter shades of blue, purple and even green – will do great in this respect. And if you are in a very special mood, you could just substitute the black or dark eyeliner with these same lighter colors and drop the eyeshadows. You love it, nah?


44 Cool Tiger Pictures to Instill Awe and Wonder


The largest cat species in the world, the tiger is also unarguably among the most visually stunning creatures that walk our planet. Because they reside in the wild in areas that aren’t exactly popular when it comes to human habitation, such as tropical forests and wide grasslands, most of us will never have the opportunity to see one of these beautiful creatures in person with our own two eyes, unless we view them in the captivity of a zoo or nature preserve.

tiger pictures 1 Cool-Looking-Tiger Cool-tiger-lies-on-the-sofa cool-tiger-snow- so-cool-tiger-tiger pictures tiger wallpaper

Thankfully, there are countless photographers out there who are willing to comb rugged landscapes in order to capture incredible photographs of all types of tigers. Especially because each subspecies of tiger that is left on the globe has an endangered status (Three subspecies are already extinct!), these photos are especially precious because future generations may only know of these cats as a thing of the past.

tiger pictures 5 tiger pictures 2 tiger pictures 3 tiger pictures 4

Hopefully through incredible photos like these and increased awareness, the awesome tiger will be present in the animal kingdom for many years to come. We hope that these portraits will not only be entertaining and fun for you to view, but that they will also inspire you to fight for the preservation of this majestic animal.

Cool Tiger Pictures

Although they are widely feared for their aggressive temperaments, even tigers start out as babies that need lots of help with basic tasks like feeding.

Cool Tiger Pictures 1

While tigers are notorious for their ability to tear apart anything that’s placed in front of them, they are not the terrifying creatures by nature that pop culture has characterized them to be. In reality, most tiger attacks are instigated by humans that are either destroying their natural habitats, or interrupting the solitude that they naturally crave. This beautiful photo captures a gentle moment of bonding between a young human child and a Bengal tiger in a zoo, revealing that these animals aren’t always a danger to mankind.


If you think human babies are cute, prepare to be blown out of the water by these baby Sumatran tiger triplets, who are also three times as adorable as any human child we have ever seen! With their mama, these little sweeties reside at Point Defiance Zoo in the Asian Forest Sanctuary.

Cool Tiger Pictures 2

This incredible shot not only captures a tiger in his natural habitat, but it also seems to have caught an eerily human-like smile on this creature’s mug!


Just like their human counterparts, animals have to seek ways to keep cool in the blistering summer heat. This stunning white Bengal tiger uses a large slab of ice to beat the heat at China’s Chengdu Zoo.

Cool Tiger Pictures 3

Nothing can stand between a tiger and his meal. A tiger plows through a shallow pool in order to get his hands on his dinner, a slab of juicy raw meat, at the Phoenix Zoo.

Cool Tiger Pictures 4

Newborn photography doesn’t just bring a tear to the eye of the beholder when it’s capturing humans. The bond between the tiger mama and her cub is captured so well in this precious portrait that it’s almost tangible for those who view it.

tiger pictures

When most people think of tigers, the image of a large orange cat with black and white stripes immediately comes to mind. This gorgeous photo of four tiger subspecies with disparately different appearances shows that there is more diversity to this precious creature than many of us may have thought.

cool tiger pictures

Images like this one of a large cat and its image reflected in a crystal clear pool of water drive our hearts to break over the fact that there are estimated to be fewer than 3,000 tigers left across the globe.

cool tiger pictures 1

This image of a black and white tiger lovingly intertwined in each other’s arms drives home the notion that diversity in the color of our skin (and their fur!) can be a beautiful thing rather than something to be feared.


It’s safe to say that this guy has been brushing and flossing his teeth several times per day. We’re sure he would get a clean bill of health from his dentist!

cool tigers

Just like their human counterparts, tigers also display a wide range of emotions, from fierce and ferocious to calm and subdued, as these cute little babes clearly demonstrate.


Quite incredible, this photograph of a monk and a tiger warms our hearts and makes us believe that harmony and serenity between species really can be achieved throughout the world if we all give peace a chance.


This incredible photograph of a tiger leaping off a cliff into the river below is proof that our idea of fun as humans isn’t that different than that of creatures in the wild. After all, most of us have been to parties at lakes or rivers during which a band of friends decides to dive off a high point into the refreshing water below.


Although it is an indisputably beautiful animal, we definitely wouldn’t want to be trapped beneath the water’s surface with a White Bengal tiger if he had this aggressive expression on his face.

cool cool

This super sweet tiger cub doesn’t look any less friendly or snuggly than a perfectly tame little kitty from a suburban household!

aray waah

While we’re sure that the person behind the lens of the camera was slightly terrified, we’re thankful for his daring spirit so that we could see this incredible image of a tiger putting his best paw forward on a snowy day!

sher da puttar

There’s something striking about a photo that is completely void of color, which makes this black and white portrait of a Sumatran tiger in a zoo even more brilliant than if it had been photographed in full color


This heartwarming photo of a mama tiger and her babies appears to be perfectly posed, just like a human family portrait would be!


Hey, we all have squabbles with family and friends that get a little intense sometimes, right? Things aren’t any different for tigers, as this incredible snapshot of a passionate feud between two Malayan tigers clearly illustrates!

tiger with child

Any good mama, regardless of species, works hard to ensure that her babies are always fed and freshly bathed. The female tiger in this black and white picture is clearly a doting mommy with an abundance of love and affection for her little one.


A friendship between a baby monkey and a tiger may seem a little far-fetched, but we promise this picture is not the product of someone with access to photo editing software and too much free time! This real-life, interspecies relationship was formed at a Chinese zoo and supposedly lasted for quite some time!


While most photographers choose to make a tiger’s face the focal point of a photo when capturing the wild creature on film, we love how this artist zoomed in on its beautiful tail instead for a unique perspective.


This intimate snapshot captures the velvety texture of a tiger’s fur and the incredible size of its paws.


By nature, tigers are lone and solitary creatures and are often found exploring on their own in the wild. Meditating on an artistic rendition of Buddha, this tiger demonstrates the inter-species importance of alone time when an individual can be at peace with his or her inner thoughts and feelings.

cool cool g

There’s no roughhousing in the pool! Okay, so maybe human rules can’t always apply to wild creatures, but it was worth a try! This incredible black and white photograph makes it apparent that some sort of discord was going on between these two big, beautiful cats; we sure wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of this violent fight!


The toned muscles and almost humanlike strength of the tiger in this photograph leaves us feeling awestruck and inferior to its valor.

le me

Kicking up powder beneath its monstrous paws, this tiger is a magnificent sight as it races across a snow-covered landscape in the wild.

blink tiger

This big guy shaking water off his fur would be a welcomed presence on a hot day, as he would make a dip in the pool or a run through the sprinkler to cool off completely unnecessary for any bystanders.


The rippling pool of water in itself would make for an amazing photo, but the inclusion of a grandiose cat viewing its reflection within it makes it almost unbelievable!


Only thirty Golden Tigers exist in the world, as their coloring is not found in the wild and is instead the result of breeding that occurs in captivity. Regardless, they are still an incredible and stunning sight to behold.

The photographer behind the lens of this mind-blowing picture had to be completely astounded when this tiger began to sink its head into the mossy surface of a shallow pool.


This fabulous photo of a white Bengal tiger was snapped during feeding time at the Singapore Zoo, clearly demonstrating that you can take an animal out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of a tiger!

26 Fashion Outfits to Make Any Girl’s Closet Fabulous


The world of fashion is often considered to be a realm that’s strictly for adults, but that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. In their adolescent and “tween” years, most girls are looking for ways to outlet their creativity and figure out who they truly are as individuals. Unlike getting a tattoo or making a major life decision, putting together a killer outfit is a fabulously impermanent way to explore their options and express their feelings.

They may be too old to don the Chantilly dresses their mothers put them in as children, but they aren’t quite old enough for adult runways. We searched all over the Web for a variety of outfits that are on-trend but also age-appropriate for young girls. No matter what her personal style may be, any young girl is bound to find something she would love to have in her closet when scrolling through these inspirational pictures.

fashion outfit

A jumpsuit is a versatile piece that should belong in every girl’s closet, as it can be worn on its own in the warmer months and used as a layering piece when it’s cool outside. Layer it over a basic white tee and pair it with flat espadrilles for a look that’s fashionable but also realistic for everyday wear.

fashion outfits

A patterned tee and colorful skirt are the epitome of femininity. Slip on a leather jacket and pair with black oxfords to add an edge to the look.

fashion outfits 1

The laid-back, loose silhouette of a military jacket contrasts with the slim fit of leggings or skinny jeans. A tee and canvas slip-ons with feminine prints, like the hearts and flowers shown here, perfectly offset the tomboy aesthetic of an anorak.

fashion outfits 4

A skater dress in a flirty, floral print paired with high top sneakers is a fantastic combination for a young punk princess!

fashion outfits 6

A high-low, ruffle-hem sweater and slim-fitting jeans with printed pockets look stellar with knee-high suede boots that add a pop of color to the ensemble.

fashion outfits 7

A comfy t-shirt dress is instantly boho-chic when it’s cinched at the waist with a leather belt and paired with Western-style ankle booties.

outfits for girls

An athletic Henley top worn with quirky yoga crops and flip-flops looks amazing when getting active at track and field day or just hanging out at the mall.

Classic meets eccentric when a light chambray button-up top is tucked into a colorful tribal print skirt and capped off with canvas slip-ons.

outfits for girls 1

Sweatshirts and leggings typically create a disheveled look when worn together, but they can be anything but frumpy when worn correctly. Top solid leggings with a printed, fitted sweatshirt and wear with ballet flats instead of old sneakers to create an outfit that’s both cozy and chic.

outfits for girls 2

She may be known for her crystal-clear singing voice, but young star Maisy Stella (one half of the music duo Lennon and Maisy, and star of the hit TV show Nashville) is also a budding style icon. A fit and flare dress in a floral print may be sweet and innocent, but a black fedora and combat boots make it clear that she’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion!

outfits for girls 3

A faux leather sheath dress with a short hemline may be a little too sexy for a tween, but the addition of lace capri leggings and basic flats rather than heels makes this an appropriately modest ensemble for a young girl.

outfits for girls 5

There’s a widespread misconception among many young women that they must show skin in order to look mature, but this layered ensemble debunks such a notion.We adore the contrasting textures of this outfit, as a cable-knit vest and skirt create a sense of elegance when slipped over a casual jersey-knit Henley and tights. A pair of shiny oxfords caps off the look with a collegiate touch.

outfits for girls 6

A dress with a cut-out back in a fun shape, like this heart design, is a fabulous way for young girls to show a little skin without wearing a style that’s too scandalous for their age.

outfits for girls 7

There’s no better way to spend a steamy summer day than in a swingy summer tank with a frayed hem, cut-off denim shorts, and a pair of super cute shades! This American flag print would be perfect to wear for a variety of summer holidays, from Memorial Day to the 4th of July, or to simply don on a day when a girl is feeling particularly patriotic.

outfits for girls 8

Pattern mixing is an amazing way for a girl to play around with fashion. We love how this young lady layered a lightweight skull and crossbones scarf over a leopard print fit-and-flare dress. The key to pulling off a look with mixed patterns is to pick pieces that coordinate in shade and contrast in print.

outfits for girls 9

No one should have to “fit into a box.” A girl may love pink one day and go for skulls and crossbones the next, making it impossible to define her as a tomboy OR a feminine chick. This outfit perfectly epitomizes the idea that she can be a little bit of everything, with an army green military vest layered over a frou-frou chiffon dress and paired with suede booties. Adding a random assortment of bracelets and bangles is a fantastic way for a young girl to express herself with accessories.

outfits for girls 11

Overalls may have been all the rage in the early 1990’s, but they’re officially making their comeback. A tween can modernize the look by wearing them in a dark wash over a Henley tank and colored Birkenstocks.

outfits for girls 12

A crochet vest and matching necklace add a bohemian twist to an otherwise rather preppy dress and cross-body purse, creating an ideal outfit for a young girl who enjoys experimenting with a variety of different styles.

outfits for girls 13

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to dress when summer days are filled with stifling heat, but evenings are cool and breezy. A classic denim jacket worn over a lightweight, sleeveless romper is the perfect outfit for days with unpredictable weather patterns or events that may last from morning until evening!

outfits for girls 14

A three-dimensional floral embellishment takes a basic jersey tee from standard to stunning. Wear it with a pleated skirt, cinch the waist with a simple belt, and top it off with colored shades for a movie star look that’s also age-appropriate.

outfits for girls 145

Just because she’s growing up in modern times doesn’t mean that a young teen has to be obsessed with the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction. An adolescent girl can show off her great taste in fashion and music by rocking an oversized, vintage-style band tee, like this shirt from Hot Topic that features a snippet of lyrics from the timeless John Lennon tune “Imagine,” as well as the famous rocker’s signature penmanship. Pairing a boyfriend-style top with skinny jeans, as pictured here, maintains a fashionable look rather than a frumpy style.

outfits for girls 20

Just because she’s not a baby anymore doesn’t mean a young girl has to totally write off dresses with buttons and frills. Wearing a belted cardigan over a dress and slipping her toes into stylish flats will make any girl look as though she’s shopping the racks of adult stores like Anthropologie and J. Crew rather than retailers like Carter’s or Osh Kosh that are famous for catering to the styles of the very young.

outfits for girls 23

A full-length maxi dress is the perfect go-to outfit for girls of any age when they want to look effortlessly chic at an informal gathering, like a birthday party or a church picnic! We are in love with this maxi from the boutique-exclusive brand Five Loaves Two Fish. Its one-shoulder design stands out amid the masses of scoop-neck dresses in stores, yet it also maintains a conservative sense that’s appropriate for young girls.

outfits for girls 24

Learning how to effectively layer ensures that a young girl’s closet doesn’t need to be sectioned off by season. While this cobalt tee would look outstanding on its own with the multicolored skirt that’s pictured during the summer months, wearing a basic black top with long sleeves underneath it makes it appropriate for early fall. Donning leggings or tights beneath the skirt would make it a perfect look for winter!

outfits for girls 25

A coordinating top and bottom in a classy pattern, like this black and white checkered design, is the perfect choice for a more upscale gathering that isn’t fancy enough to warrant a formal gown. The asymmetrical hem on the skirt in this ensemble from designer Sally Miller adds a splash of youthfulness and prevents the overall look from becoming a dowdy outfit that belongs in a grandmother’s closet.

outfits for girls 26

A pastel varsity jacket adds a punch of playfulness to a girl’s look when layered over a printed sheath and worn with ladylike wedges.

20 Motivational Quotes to Ignite & Inspire


Even those of us with the most positive attitudes need a few words of wisdom now and then to reignite our passions and inspire us to do what we were put on this Earth to achieve. While some of us may have more obstacles in our way, we all have the opportunity to achieve our goals and do big things with our lives.

So take a moment to kick back, relax, and take in some much-needed inspiration by reading through these amazingly motivational quotations.

inspiring quotes

Wisdom is truly found in the mouths of babes; this advice is relevant for both those who communicate with crayons and fountain pens!

Motivational Quotes

Especially in our modern society, we all too often forget that we aren’t simply owed success for existing. Rather, we must work for it.


True growth and development doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to take note of every small step on the way to success.

Motivational Quotes 1

It takes facing your fears head-on to live up to your true purpose in life.

Motivational Quotes 2

Even in dire circumstances, there is always something positive to which we can cling, as long as we never fail to look for it!

Motivational Quotes 3

Quite simply, we can always find some sort of reason to put off fulfilling our destinies, so it’s vital to stop looking for excuses and embark upon the journey to self-realization and success.

Motivational Quotes 4

If you find yourself failing to motivate yourself, allow the wellbeing of those you love to inspire you to do great things.

Motivational Quotes 6

Sure, there’s always a small chance that you might fall flat on your face when trying something new, but there’s an even bigger chance that you’ll achieve even more than you have set out to do.

Too many of us spend our lives regretting our pasts and fearing our futures, when in reality, life is all about seizing the moment and making the best of it.

Motivational Quotes 7

Even when it seems like things can only get worse, it’s important to remember that your time to shine will come. Be patient and be ready to fully seize that epic moment when it finally arrives!

Motivational Quotes 8

Sometimes we become so comfortable in our lives as they are that we fail to realize that things could be even better and brighter if we would just be willing to move on and take chances.

Motivational Quotes 9

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that there isn’t a single perfect person on the planet, but sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves that we forget that basic fact. Perfection may be unattainable, but progress is always achievable.

Motivational Quotes 10

So what if you don’t know anything about the profession of your dreams or a subject you wish to pursue? Everyone has to start somewhere before achieving any goal.

Motivational Quotes 12

While it can be difficult to battle toxic people in your life, it’s always important to remember that no one can change you or take something away from you, unless you give them permission to do so!

inspiring quotes 1

Pressures and expectations can often feel as though they are strong enough to break a person. However, they can actually leave you even more beautiful and stunning than you were before they bared down on you.


Instead of moping around when people criticize you or dismiss you as being a “nobody,” prove the haters wrong by believing in yourself and overcoming adversity.

inspiring quotes 3

When you look back upon your biggest achievements in life, you should be able to shake your head with a smile and wonder how you ever achieved such an incredible goal. If you refuse to try and push through the hard times, you’ll never be able to have such an awesome moment of reflection.

Moving On

Whether you’re 18 or 80, it’s never too late to start over and walk away from a destructive path.

inspiring quotes 7

You can still create a gorgeous piece of art from even the smallest fragment of a color crayon. Likewise, even when you are in your most downtrodden and wearied state, you can do beautiful things.

inspiring quotes 6

At the end of your life, you’re unlikely to feel ashamed of the mistakes you have made if they involved taking a chance and trying to better yourself or the world around you. After all, nothing great can happen if you don’t take a plunge!

45 Childishly Easy Toe Nail Designs 2015


Feet play a significant role in today’s fashion and in your daily beauty routine, and what are feet without their toes? Regardless of seasons and events, your tiny toe nails should be ready for any occasion. If you have in mind wearing comfy flip-flops, sandals or stylish peep-toe shoes, you should pay attention to your feet, especially to your toes. You should place importance on the hygiene of feet, keep them well-cared and healthy, have them periodically pedicured. Foot maintenance is required not only for beauty but for the general health. Keeping your feet healthy and beautiful is a big job!

purple-flower-toenail baby-pink-toe-nail-design1 crystal-nail-art-design crystal-toe-nail-art cute-flowery-nail art toe cute-geometric-motifs-toe-nail- cute-pink-black-flower-toenail cute-toe-nail-design- cute-yellor-rhinestoen-pedi design-on-toes-nails-images Five-dot-flowers-on-toe-nails gel-toenail-designs-negril-471347 New-Toe-Nail-Art-Designs-For-Eid pastel-toe-nail-art Polka-dot-toe-nail-art

Nail art for toes is growing up, day by day, which offers a wide range of designs. You can match your toe nails both with your finger nails and with your footwear and outfit. It is our ultimate goal to achieve the perfect match between our toe nails, finger nails and the clothes we are wearing. I’d like to show some toe nails design which will definitely make you go to the nail beauty & spa saloon. You can try some of them at home, if you think your toes are well-cared enough.

Don’t forget to add a top coat for protecting them!


I want to start with an easy one to inspire you to pick up some nail lacquer bottles, and a toothpick for this design. Polka dots are as easy as pie. Just paint the nails and add some dots with the tooth pick. The colors of the base coat and dots are up to you, so this design can be adjusted for any shoe and outfit as well. Depending on the shoe type, this design could even be used in formal events. This design reminds me of 50s’ polka dotted petticoat dresses.


For a simple flower pattern, you just need five dots as petals all together. You can add a few rhinestones or another dot with different a color, to the middle of the )flower. Thumbs are the best canvases for such flowers. Such floral designs create a spectacular combination with dresses in the spring. On this design, pink and white, contrasting colors, are used.


Toe Nail Designs 5 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE starry-toe-nail-designs1 striped-toe-nail-art-images Stripes-toe-nail-art Toe Nail Designs 1 Toe Nail Designs 2 Toe Nail Designs 3

Stripes are always easy to apply, which only require nail lacquers with a color of your choice and sticky tapes to mark off. Because of the littleness of the toes, this cute design, like the others on toes, demands more patience.

This design looks so cute, which is composed of blue tones, white, black and glitters. There are many shades, so you should be careful on your clothes’ color tone. Pink or yellow clothes, for example, are a bad choice.

toe nail art

If you are in a hurry and want your toe nails look stylish, you just need some cool stickers, which are suitable both for hand nails and for toe nails. Applying sticker on the toe nails doesn’t require special care, just stick them on your nails then add the top coat. It’s done!

toe nail designs 14 toe nail designs 7 toe nail designs 8 toe nail designs 9 toe nail designs 10 toe nail designs 11 toe nail designs 12 toe nail designs 13

Contrasting vivid colors on toes make a good look. You can make them better by adding some stickers. This applied black stickers deal with Barbie, and also the color selection, pink and white, is matching girly Barbie’s theme.


Drawing stars is actually very easy, it just needs some practise. You can just draw the stars on your thumbs and leave the others blank, because they are so small that stars may not fit perfectly. If you want other toes look more stylish, then you should consider gluing rhinestones, bindis and adding some dots.

The shiny white and navy blue background, together with these glittery stars, is screaming party.

nail art toe nail designs 43 toe nail designs 15 toe nail designs 16 toe nail designs 38 toe nail designs 39 toe nail designs 40 toe nail designs 41 toe nail designs 42

Anchor prints are phenomenal in every area of fashion, nowadays. There are red rhinestones, blue anchor print and lines on white painted thumbs. The rest of the nails are painted in the same color with anchor and rhinestones. This design especially rocks the beaches in summer, but is not recommended for cold winter days. Brrr

nail arttoe nail designs 45 toe nail designs 44

Just because Hello Kitty is quite popular among little girls, it doesn’t mean we can’t use them in our daily life. The design is generally composed of polka dots. On the thumbs, there are Hello Kitty print. The strawberry pattern on the pinky is increasing cuteness level over 9000. Including Hello Kitties, the whole design is easy to create. You can be expert at drawing Hello Kitty after a few tries.



nail art


Flowers are the harbinger of spring. You just need some colorful nail lacquer bottles to draw some splendid flowers. You can try using some floral stickers too. On this design, skin tone is used as base coat. Flowers on thumbs are insignificant because of their colors. Using glitter adds an eye-catching effect. This nail art is kinda no nail lacquer-lacquer that’s why this design can be used with every combination anytime. However, I can suggest using the floral designs to combine with dresses, especially in the spring, or clothes with flower prints.





Christmas Tree! Santa Claus! Ornaments! Ginger Cookies! Reindeers! Red Starbucks Cups and Christmas Drinks! Yeah, who doesn’t adore Christmas and home parties at Christmas?

This design is absolutely perfect for Christmas celebration. You needn’t actually any preparation for Christmas: outfit in shades of red or green, optionally a Santa hat or headbands, and stunning nails. This design about Christmas is the number one for who looks for nail art ideas for Christmas.




frenchpedicureToe Nail Designs toe-nail-designs-11 tribal-toe-nail-art1


There is no such rule that classic french manicure can’t be applied to toe nails. Who loves simplicity and elegance together, should have this nail art on theirs. They look very natural, cute. French manicure offers you stylish elegance for any occasion and event. The base coat is usually pale pink or clear. Then comes the painting straight lines on nail tips with white polish. It is vital to apply the top coat thereafter. Your gorgeous French manicures are ready to shine! You can add some glitters, some tiny stickers or rhinestones to decorate.